Being Bad Boys with Kryoz & BBNO$ -

Being Bad Boys with Kryoz & BBNO$

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Becoming the baddest boys on campus w/Kryoz & BBNO$
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Imma – BBNO$

(Epidemic Sound)
(Premium Beat)
(Audio Jungle)
(Kevin MacLeod)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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  1. Ayo what is the song at the beginning called dat s*** 🔥

  2. This is the video that made me start watching smii7y

  3. I will follow your second channel if you tell me what song was that in the intro bc that was amazing

  4. The intro is already good
    Made me laugh till i taught i was gonna die

  5. Am I the only one wondering what game this is?

  6. The intro fucking amazing I’ve never seen that but holy shit it was so cool

  7. We can all agree that the music at the start is F I R E 🔥

  8. And still in 2022 this is one of the best intros. I dont know exactly why but its just right👌

  9. Even after a year this intro is amazing and I wish smitty would make more like this

  10. If the intro was a trailer for a movie I would go see that movie as soon as it comes out

  11. Use the gravity gun on each other at the same time

  12. Mark, Bob, and Wade did the exact same glitch with the grab gun, and they went all the way outside the skybox and game itself

  13. That intro looked like it could be a trailer for the game LOL

  14. SMII7Y is the true definition of chaos.

  15. Lol the thumbnail be look like Tony Stark,Peter Parker and Smii7ty 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  16. Jerma was a cameo as the store salesman.

  17. After rewatching this, it might be the funniest Smii7y video in history. I'm sad that he hasn't played this game again since

  18. hey smii7y, you ever thought about playing phasmophobia? i think thatd shit be hilarious

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