Beastie Boys - Three MC's And One DJ -

Beastie Boys – Three MC’s And One DJ

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Official Music Video for Three MC’s and One DJ performed by The Beastie Boys.

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  1. Just kidding this song should’ve been titled 3 Jews and 1 DJ cause all 3 r Jewish lol

  2. When you squeeze in a dj set on your ghostbuster lunch break

  3. Dang didn't know MixMaster Mike is a part time Ghostbuster.

  4. Wgen the pizza hasn't arrived yet

    "Not for us, must be a mistake ignorw it"

  5. Him not getting into the apartment block is hilarious 😂😂😂

  6. em took slack beastie collaterally hate on that

  7. We had Mix Master Mike, they have París Hilton..the generation of fake.. fake djs, fake tits, fake ass, fake lips, fake everything..🤣🤣🤣

  8. The Beastie Boys are so talented and you can tell how much fun they are having here. One of my fave tracks off Hello Nasty. In this video where he just packs up his gear and walks off 😀

  9. On the deluxe dvd watching just Mix Master cut it up on this was dope af!

  10. Awesomeness personified.. see em at Brixton academy 85’ I think .. brilliant 🤩

  11. Still one of my favorite Beastie Boys songs and videos. Raw and real, just pure hip hop

  12. What I loved the most about these guys is that they never changed their sound to stay relevant…..they kept it the same all the way with experimentation within their own parameters. They kept it fun, kept it basic, and it was a good formula. It's a shame MCA passed away, very sad. I kinda hoped adock and Mike D would have kept it up, but- kinda like when John Bonham died, you couldn't blame Led Zeppelin for not carrying on without him.

  13. The best video ever. I wish I could have afforded to see these boys in concert but I was too busy working

  14. これぞ本物のヒップホップ

  15. Guy looking like an extra from ghost busters holding a record descends to 3 levels underground where three other guys are locked in a sub karate kid pose. What's not to love here?

  16. Cannot believe how these chaps were not Included in a programme about early hip hop on UK TV it was fuckin criminal they was there near enough at the beginning

  17. This is My Turntable. Welcome to the Flipside. Elf Ears Suck.

  18. I love Mike D's little head flick at the end as they go back into their pose. It perfectly seals the ridiculous tightness of this performance

  19. They be gettin down with no delay. RIP Yauch

  20. He’s got ghosts to fight!
    Only so much time for the beasties

  21. Just FYI the Beastie boys have won and we are declaring it. Weve got the right people mix (demons to AI to conscious mind) and were just waiting to express. Thanks for rolling with us.

  22. I realize everybody thinks the music they grew up to was the best ever made. I was born in 1980. Beasties,WU, MFDOOM,Nirvana,Tool,to name a few. I like some new shit but this shit is the truth 💯

  23. Absolutely love how there’s no context for the proton pack. He just has it and leaves with it. No one comments on it and it isn’t part of the DJ equipment. It’s just there.

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