Beastie Boys - Sure Shot -

Beastie Boys – Sure Shot

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Music video by The Beastie Boys performing Sure Shot. (C) 2009 Capitol Records, LLC



  1. Le groupe qui m à fait aimé le hip hop, respect à tous

  2. Glasgow Barrowlands 86. They walked off because the arse holes there out numbers the b,boys. , next year was a different story. Definitely jam tour. Public enemy 1st. Then Eric b and Rakim , they are the bomb. Then …. ll cool j . 😎

  3. 2022 and still one of the best bangers of all time !!!!

  4. What do you call Beasties? Early rap. To this day in 2022 they were and still are originals! And turned me on to that kind of music. And they were FUN about it. Go with the flo,the beats. RIP Adam? Beastie.

  5. Imma tell my kids this was the other WuTang Clan..

  6. I don't have the words to describe the vibe that I get every time I hear these guys….in my early twenties I used to work in the coolest Rock Bar in Lisbon called "Johnny Guitar" (this in the early 90's), and this bar was well knowned by his heavy environment but really it was a place where you could see Punks, Heavies, Gothics, Rastafarians, Skinheads, Grungers, Hipsters, well, all kind of people hanging out in peace at least 80% of the time (at least inside) and the music was also equally ecletic, you could be hearing Motorhead or Pantera and sudenlly it would change to House of Pain or Beastie Boys…and man…seeing all that different people going crazy listening to "Sabotage" or "Sure Shot" it was a experience that I still won't forget after more than 30 years….good music it's good music, it doesn't matter what genre it is made and this guys were just incredible!!! I will hear them untill I sitll can hear anything at all, lol. It's a shame we lost one of them so soon, so my respects to all the Beastie Boys family, RIP Adam Yauch…

  7. Hip/Hop with no guns, Hoes, drugs or gang bang’n.

  8. Cause they can't, they won't and they don't stop.

  9. A lot of people talk about artist’s in different genres and different decades……… to say the beastie boys were ahead of they’re time would be an understatement

  10. En Argentina tendrían que escuchar a los Beastie Boys y aprender a rapear con música y melodía …

  11. Still better than any so-called hip hop artists these days, by FAR.

  12. I have a puppy.Guedd what th
    He likes your music and I think your group sounds like Kid Rock that I saw in Vegas many moons ago.
    I must be old.

  13. If you don’t know the song after hearing the sound at 0:05 then you ain’t a Beastie Boys fan

  14. I'm a metal music fan and hate rap,but these guys I can listen to their songs over and over. RIP Adam Yauch!🙏

  15. I love this beat do damn much.
    Boom bap was always the shit.

  16. “You call this guy a bounty hunter? What’s he gonna do? Flute those Ogres a lullaby? 😂”

    Who else came here from Shrek 4?

  17. If you never listen this song, you waste two decades.
    If you never know Beastie Boys, you are not human.

  18. I love that dog in the beginning that sounds like he is saying, " I love you!".

  19. Happy to meet you guys again. Still love it!

  20. "Yo I'm that kid in tha corner..all FUCKED up.."


  21. Adrock is my favorite Bboy, it's funny as a hip-hop group, MCA shines the brightest, as a punk band, Mike D is the lead singer and as an alternative rock band, Adrock is the lead singer. I just think Adrock is the spirit of the Beastie Boys, MCA was the brains and Mike D was the conscience. Fun fact, Adrock is Adam Horowitz aka Adam-rock and MCA is Adam Yauch aka MC-Adam. The irony is that Adrock was the original hip-hop influence on the trio. Shout out to Kate Schellenback, the 4th Beastie Boy and original drummer. You might know her better as the drummer of Luscious Jackson, the female spinoff of the Beastie boys. "Everybody rapping like it's a commercial, acting like life is a big commercial/ But this what I got to say to you all, be true to your self and you were never fall" To my fellow Ashkenazi Jews, The B Boys…

  22. I bought this when it came out..I was 15 and it changed my life.
    I dyed my hair blonde,bought some black puma skateboard trainers.I must of listened to this album a thousand times.
    There was a legendary club in Newport South Wales called TJ’s and I would ask the DJ for this every Saturday.
    When it come on I would go absolutely crazy.
    This is a timeless masterpiece ✌🏾

  23. why do the beasties have sound so stereotypically jewish? it's like jerry lewis on helium.

  24. I got more action than my man John Woo, and I got mad hits like I was Rod Carew.

  25. They should have had someone jamming hard AF on a flute through the video. Hah, still gold all these years later.

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