Bad Boys Theme Song [HD] (HD Audio) -

Bad Boys Theme Song [HD] (HD Audio)

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Hey guys, Youtube has blocked this video 🙁
it’s such a shame i put loads of work in to was my biggest video took 2 days to render in HD the movie isn’t even out in Blu-ray or HD it’s a really good song too! i was only sharing it for you’s goes good with the HD let’s hope Youtube puts it back on! Like comment & subscribe for more guys! 😀


  1. Who is here after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock?

  2. Will Smith went from being Bad boy to a sore cuck boy!

  3. 0:22
    "Your wife looks like gi Jane Will, and I'm banging her too"

  4. This song Bad boys is my favorit Song in the Worlds i love Bad boys

  5. I’m a security guard I detained someone shoplifting and had this as my ringtone I had a phone call while I was dealing with the shoplifter in the detaining room. I thought that was quite funny I let my phone ring a little longer before I answered it. Paul blart life 😎

  6. 2022 slap edition
    Bad boys bad boys
    Whatcha gona do whatcha gona do
    They Will SLAP for you

  7. je trouve le clip incoyble avec la music s'est parfait

  8. First person to be here in 2022. Still love this 🙂

  9. This is probably what Will was hearing when he slapped Chris Rock lmao

  10. The American dream greetings from Holland 🙏

  11. Came here after his slap … Aaaa .. the witch has controlled him …

  12. Putin please attack usa and china and eu but not switzerland or uk. Start thinking or you will die before you understand one thing… you little poor thing… let me help you

  13. Will smith playing this on his phone after the oscars 🤣😂

  14. Bad Boys Bad Boys what you gonna do? What you gonna do when they wake up next to you

  15. One of the constables in my area was playing this over their loudspeaker while watching traffic.

    I respect that cop.

  16. Seeing bad boy and will smith in the same video really is peak of ironny

  17. Кто пишет им такие сценарии? Сказки невообразимые 🙂🙂😜😜😄😄

  18. Marcus: keep my sister's name out of your fu*king mouth.

  19. Hey will like them boyz and hoods alerr alert niggas down niggas down lets paint the town

  20. "Bad Boys Bad boys what you gonna do when they come for you"
    You heard them, Will Smith.

  21. Hey ! We're the Miami Police WHAO !! 🚨

  22. i used have this movie on tape as a kid I watched it all the time and my brother broke the tape strip because I watched it so much

  23. Whatcha Gonna Do When We Come For You…

  24. La musique préférée de ton duo d'inspecteur préféré ! (Kidd et Lorenzi)

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