BAD BOYS FOR LIFE - Official Trailer -

BAD BOYS FOR LIFE – Official Trailer

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Ride together. Die together. Watch the trailer for #BadBoysForLife​. Now on Disc and Digital!


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The Bad Boys Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) are back together for one last ride in the highly anticipated Bad Boys for Life.

Directed by: Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah

Screenplay by: Joe Carnahan and Chris Bremner

Story by: Peter Craig and Joe Carnahan and Chris Bremner

Produced by:
Jerry Bruckheimer
Will Smith

Executive Producers:
Doug Belgrad
Barry Waldman
Chad Oman
Mike Stenson

Will Smith
Martin Lawrence
Vanessa Hudgens
Alexander Ludwig
Charles Melton
Paola Nunez
Kate Del Castillo
Nicky Jam
and Joe Pantoliano

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  1. BADBOYS 4 drop Will and bring on CHRIS TUCKER meets Marcus and NOW WE HAVE A STORY ACTION FUNNY FILM

  2. Bad Boys 4 Better Happen With Michael Bay Returning

  3. 1:58 Now Marcus finally can see the game from the parking lot too.

  4. Terrible movie…Martin Lawrence looks like a blob…terrible script…terrible humour…no chemistry between Will and Martin like in the first two….soooo disappointed 😞…..

  5. Reggie's probably 30 years old for real at that point!

  6. continuous laughter throughout the whole movie

  7. Lieutenant botox 😂😂😂 the girl who plays the lieutenant is hillarious… Nothing on her face moves, AT ALL

  8. "That first kill scene. Of Mike's estranged son, the deal of money happening inside the warehouse. Where he kills those five goons with a hidden blade. It was my absolute favorite scene. Still sends chills to my spine."

  9. "Am I the only one, who believes that Vanessa Hudgens was hot, on the club " happy birthday" party scene?"🥰


  11. mike: "dont touch the shooter, hes mine.
    marcus: yes, he is! 😂

  12. This movie was trash. Washed up jokes, 60% bmi Martin, cancer skinny looking Will, and pass the torch garbage plot. I'd rather be stuck on an island with the all ghostbusters female movie before having to see this again.

  13. Prince of Bel air/Agent J/Deadshot and Big Momma

  14. This bad boy franchise is so huge man so many people love it it's probably all around the world

  15. I need you all to get back on board and let the superstar make part four ! will smith is a superstar what he did at the awards wasn’t right ! Something here took over here but Donely happened to all of us some small some large no ones perfect! but guess what God gave us for our sins ! And people still sinners to this day ! so we should be forgiven that’s between him and that person ! to work that out! but he needs to get back on 🎥

  16. This has to be possibly one of the WORST movies I have ever seen in my life, complete waste of time, made no sense, horrible writing, super slow-paced and full of shit. Could not stay awake during the movie it was so boring DO NOT watch this

  17. Love seeing a black man who understands all blacks break the law.

  18. After the slapping incident, its never been the same now when I watch a Will Smith movie, and also the story is good but Will Smith's character in the movie is too much, They want to portray him as a Strong and Self Driven but it actually show's like "The order is a Hard NO, I don't care whatever its a YES" something like that kind a guy. hard headed self centered and wreck less cop.

  19. How many people seen from watching BBFL. That in the next BB movie Marcus is gonna be the new Capitan and Mike and his son are going to be the new team probably along with AMMO. I do believe in the last scene when Mike asked his son if he wanted to work off some of his debt to society in some kind of crazy weird movie way they're going to look over everyone that he murdered to let him go undercover or become some kind of police officer. I think that would be how the next BB's movie will play out. JMO 🤷🏽‍♂️

  20. Clear your mind up and make that badboys 2 you a hard worker

  21. This movie is Fkn wack . Too much animation with the fire, gun fighting and even the fighting haha shit was weak

  22. This film is terrible, Will Smith is fat looking as his lines are badly written as is Martin's the franchise is 30 yrs old and is a third film too many .

  23. Yes, i live in their Home. They don't know their on movies much years ago ahhhhh jajajaja 😋🍿💐👑🥰🍝✨😜❄️🍼🥴🍟😉🍩🍳☕💘😝🥳💌💗🍇🔥🤗🍞☃️🤭🌭🌮🥲👼🤣😇😍😘I LOVE her born Princess

  24. They're famous much time ago and we love us eachothers much time ago but is a kind of Secret cause they didn't noticed ahhhhh jajajaja 😇😋😘😍

  25. I got to see this twice before the pandemic. The second reason I wanted to see this is because I loved the first two movies and I was excited to see Will and Martin in a movie together again. But the main reason I saw this is definitely because of Vanessa Hudgens. She is so badass in this movie and I’m glad they had her in this movie.

  26. This movie was insanely goood!!!!…great plott funny as hell !!! Great cast ….will & martin still got it!!!!…the first one is still the best tho…obvs for nostalgic purposes lol

  27. This is bad, get Michael Bay back for 4th one.

  28. haha this is truly the last old normal movies ever made post pandemic is SPIDERMAN NWH and avatar 2

  29. Just saw the announcement for Bad Boys 4, hahaha they really hope they kept the title Bad Boys For Life for the 4th film hahaa

  30. Hiw are rhey still cops eveyrhing they done should've atleast mandated a promotion but they do cause alot of death and destruction

  31. Wow! The Miami skyline has changed drastically since the first movie… 😎👊

  32. Ruined just like the fast and furious series.😢 all action no details.

  33. The acting really brings this series together, and just makes it to the point where you can’t get enough of the drama between them . This is the type of series that just came together perfectly in so many different aspects that it’s quite amazing

  34. Sehr guter Film. Aktionreich, lustig und dramatisch. Alles dabei, was einen perfekten Film ausmacht. Ich war begeistert. Ich freue mich auf die Fortsetzung 🥳

  35. Will smith look so nicely polish in the movie he look really good for is age

  36. Bad boys bad boys watcha gonna doo watcha gonna doo wanna gun for you 😎👍🏼🎶

  37. That's hilarious that after 25 years on the force, they are still just regular cops and haven't even made sergeants
    They should have been captains themselves at the very least if not majors or colonels

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