Autism in Girls VS Boys -

Autism in Girls VS Boys

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humorous comparison of stims between female and male autistic people on the Autism Spectrum


  1. If you actually use "stim" or any variation of it with serious intention you need a reality check.

  2. this is what a normal guy dose for fun this is no out of the ordinary

  3. As a girl with autism, boy autism is very relatable

  4. He just went into a reality of happiness.

  5. i am autistic and i approve this message

  6. Why did so much happen in such little time?

  7. As an Autistic boy, this is very true💀🔥

  8. I see a room full of motherboard I start screaming like that man with his firetrucks and trains

  9. the gender memes are unfunny but i have autism and the boys part made me laugh so hard 😭

  10. Back in the 90's we didn't quite get what autism was so when I would have a "sensory overload" my dad would smack me upside the head and tell me to toughen up, now I don't have them anymore. He literally smacked the autism away lol.

  11. I have a hard time believing these girls BC who TF would put their mental illness all over social media? Someone as autistic as she claims to be would be overwhelmed by social media.

  12. finally an autism meme that's funny because it's true

  13. The best legendary fuckin railfanner ever

  14. Man thats just all boys like theres no way he has autism

  15. i like the girls vs boys memes that dont make fun of girls, they just make boys look fucking nuts. i love it

  16. as a trans dude, second one is very relatable🙏🗣️

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