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Attitude Boys Of Instagram

Slayy Point
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We talk about some of the craziest bios that people write on their social media profiles these days. Also bollywood celebrities on Instagram and their captions. Sara Ali Khan, Kartik Aaryan, Chunky Pandey, etc.

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  1. Who else is irritated by slay point 📷 😂

  2. Don't worry Abhuday… there is that one girl out there for you…

  3. Happy Happy happy biscuit Happy happy happy lol

  4. the translation is [ un chat et un Homme ]
    [a 38 yrs cannot do the translation whereas my 9 yrs old can do it]

  5. Day 70 of telling slayy point that their uploads are much appreciated

  6. Tumlog itne sure kese ho ke tumhare subscribers singl3 hai??🤨🤨🤨🤨

  7. Happy Birthday Abhyudaya Sir❤️, always be fan of yours

  8. Je viens de France et j'adore regarder vos vidéos en sous-titres français c'est tellement amusant je vous aime les gars

  9. His mobile screen is dead but his mobile still working what a duraible smartphone😂😂

  10. I literally got a Instagram ad and it showed me gautami reel

  11. I also learn French from duolingo😉😎

  12. Ichv cxhxbdbxhiddhlbxbxhxjnxjxbxbdbxbxbxbxbxbxbxzjnsbxnd xbxndbxbxbxjdndkamiehrvbfvf do funny bunch

  13. abhay unsubscribed karti hu 29 octuber valo ko pagal bolata ha

  14. My heart ib lock ne hai
    My heart is lock hai
    Kyunki agar ham usko hold press karenge to hua kuchh Aisa ß dikhega

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