ALL NEW PlayStation Plus REVEALED! Xbox FAN BOYS LOSE THEIR S#%T! NO Day in Date 1st Party Games -

ALL NEW PlayStation Plus REVEALED! Xbox FAN BOYS LOSE THEIR S#%T! NO Day in Date 1st Party Games

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ALL NEW PlayStation Plus REVEALED! Xbox FAN BOYS LOOSE THEIR S#%T! NO Day in Date 1st Party Games! The All-new PlayStation Plus has officially been announced by Sony! We’re gonna break down all the juicy dets and analyze what it means for the future, plus speaking of PlayStation plus, the free games for April have been revealed, is it a W or L for the month. and 10 min of new gameplay from forespoken has come out, and it’s looking goooood. All this and much more in today’s edition of TSPNR, let’s get into it!

Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
1:02 The All-new PlayStation Plus has officially been announced by Sony, and the only ones that are PISSED are the Xbox FANBOYS
7:51 PS PLUS FREE Games for April 2022 have been revealed!
9:55 BRAND NEW 10 Min of Gameplay for Forespoken

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  1. Anyone know if u already have a year of Playstation plus will u have to just pay the difference for the higher tiers? Or the whole amount?

  2. It’s over can’t wait to play all Suikoden series.

  3. I’ve got game pass and it’s way overrated. The series x selection is extremely limited.

  4. It’s made in response to games pass so it is a direct competitor

  5. It’s true all the Xbox loyalist were on their podcast mad at PS plus lol Smh they know Jim Ryan is right about quality of games going down when it’s day in date on a game service 👀👀

  6. Didn't Sony Ponies say to XBOTS who plays old games?

    Yet Sony will have all old games on their new service.

  7. I really love the options that have been present it I think each options is a great acquisition and valve we don't need no day and date

  8. I never expected Sony to try to match GamePass. They don't need to.
    The traditional retail model still works amazingly for them. They sell more than twice as many consoles as Xbox. They sell 2-6 times as many games as Xbox (RE8 sold twice as much on PS, Guardians sold 6 times as much on PS) and people are generally very excited about Sony exclusives, while with Xbox exclusives, unless you're talking about Forza, you just kinda hop the new one isn't as bad as the last one (Halo, Gears, State of Decay, etc etc etc)

  9. Its not bad. Pretty much as expected. I would like Crunch Roll in with Premium though

  10. I just got banned for a week for calling someone a retard. Fml!

  11. I have PS consoles and PC and honestly… no idea what the hype is about. As long as Sony did just mash together PS+ and PS now in one tier (middle tier) than it doesn't really makes a lot of sense for majority of gamers with PS as their main platform. Because with free games we received with PS+ and games that we simply bought there is not a lot of titles worth time. Like, yeah, there are some hidden gems etc. but how many gamers will suddenly look for these hidden gems when they didn't do it untill now? So essential tier makes most sense for average, main pS platform gamer. Than 2nd tier is great for new gamers/new PS platform owners and the last tier for people with nostalgia. But like middle tier is so 'meh'…

  12. Wake up ponies sony is charging 70 dollars a game plus a subscription fee. Sony cant compete with xbox gamepass is the future.

  13. I'll be moved to the premium one day one with no payment until November

  14. How could anyone even expect day in date lol put xbox out on its own without being propped up by windows and see how long it would last lol.
    People want everything for nothing these days while expecting top quality, it just can't happen.You pay for what you get.

  15. Already Pay for three years PS Plus. I think upgrade to PS Plus Extra

  16. So imagine if battlefield 3 was released on this and severs opened up for consoles.

  17. I would have structured the service differently… All of these things from Premium are available to choose from and I just click what I need from it and unlock those specific things. I just need online gaming ok "click" subscription…$1 a month and $10 a year.
    I want online gaming and game trails click click $3 a month Everything can be selected individually and the more you select, the more expensive it becomes.

  18. The deal breaker for me is that majority of these games in this new service will still run at 30 Frames on PS5. I can’t go back to 30

  19. Trust me nobody is losing any amount of shit because of this.

  20. That moment when some 'X'fanboys learn the word : "consequences".
    PS invest back the money earned by their userbase buying games, while Xbox borrow money from MS just buying publishers not to just to fill up their weak portfolio, but also removing options in the 3rd party market away from any potential competitors in the gaming services area (thinking of Stadia/Luna and so on) reason why the FTC jumped in.
    Can't expect Sony to burn money like MS does, just to see the consequences with games getting less investements, or delayed sequel because not enough funds or cripple the growth of these studios, or even lowering the quality or amount of games for a subscription service… there is a reason why Xbox doesn't show their profits margin compared to Nintendo and PS, they just go with % and revenues which are still lower than PS and Nintendo in the console gaming space…

  21. Here's the deal I don't really need any of the extra stuff cause I have ps3 and ps2 as well as 4 and 1 with just about all my original library for all there's a few I don't have but I'll find eventually

  22. IF they want me to pay for tier 2 or 1, they need to include crunchyroll.
    I want a deal. I don't feel they are a deal.

  23. Damn imagine pitching gamepass and then Nintendo beats you, Xbox last in everything, in June you add that 3.2 mil to ps plus and that puts it over 50 mil, dominating

  24. It looks fine to me 🙂 I buy games complete them and sell them on ebay. I missed a couple platinums so will be going for the middle tier. Then I can get the platinum on Miles Morales, etc. Heard you get Returnal, Miles Morales and 2 others recent games at launch.

  25. Hopefully some PS2 games I like look better on PS5. Series X is kind of a disappointment with the old games from the first Xbox.

  26. PSN Premium as I already have PSN & PSNOW(have Subs queued up)

    £100 for a year is a steal

    Just be great to have more PS4/PS5 games on tap digital(even thou I have disc versions on some of the games, be easier than having to switch discs all the time)

  27. Gametrash is not the future as its profitable, doubt it ever will be a million years

  28. good take with the misery loves company.

  29. Sonys service is trash it's a way to put PSnow on life support Sonys been bleeding money with it for years. Paying for Demos and unenhanced classic titles 🤯 there's a reason PSnow flopped and that's why Sony doesn't believe in the Games service. Sonys one and dones can't keep people subscribed for a whole year if you can finish every game they release that year in one month 🤷‍♂️ I'll probably subscribe at the end of the generation for a couple months and finish everything Sony released over the entire PS5 Generation

  30. All three levels are certainly priced right. If you already subscribe to plus for $60yr then why not spend another $60 year for the big benefits.

  31. Gamepass 25 million vs PS now 3 million which is why Sony is combining PS now into plus and you Sony nerds still come up short with forced paywalls for demos, cloud saved, backwards compatibility with no up res or fps boost and NO day/date games😂😂😂

  32. You can't be serious, xbox jealous? People on xbox can play ps1,ps2,and psp games free at 4k 60fps. Not to mention other platforms such as Nintendo and sega, better back compat and game pass. Whatever helps the sony fanboy sleep better at night..just keep on bending over and let sony ram it in bro 😄🤣😂😆😄 I hope you do this all for clicks and ain't really this much of a Sony fanboy. On top of all of that xbox has more/better studios and way bigger ip

  33. The whole xbox fan boys and Sony ponies 'tude is old. 🙄

  34. Imagine comparing a gaming service to movie services. When ps now is actually 4 years older than gamepass with 3.2 million subs. Or Ps plus that’s more than a decade old with 48 million subs. Almost 2 decades of you Consider that ps plus is just a rebranding of ps network. So make it make sense. In comparison of the market leader in gaming. Game pass sure looks like it’s doing great🤷🏾😂

  35. What a joke compared to game pass enjoy ponyssss 🤣🤣🤣

  36. So they are holding back compat behind a pay wall that sucks ps3 streaming that’s an L and you can play every ps1 and ps2 game on an Xbox with dev mode for free

  37. As expected Ponies are soyfacing over an inferior product

  38. The new ps plus service is embarrassingly bad when compared to gamepass

  39. I can t wait to play all the god of war games before the new one comes out

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