Adam Ruins Everything - Why People Think Video Games Are Just for Boys -

Adam Ruins Everything – Why People Think Video Games Are Just for Boys

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Adam reveals how Nintendo’s early marketing plan resulted in video games being pushed toward one gender.

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In Adam Ruins Everything, host Adam Conover employs a combination of comedy, history and science to dispel widespread misconceptions about everything we take for granted. A blend of entertainment and enlightenment, Adam Ruins Everything is like that friend who knows a little bit too much about everything and is going to tell you about it… whether you like it or not. 

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  1. That's an awfully hot coffee pot, should I scroll down? Probably not.

  2. Tbh I personally don't consider "phone games" "real video games" most of the time, it's hard to explain but yeah

  3. No one said they are for one gender. Adam ruins logic

  4. Love to see more Girls playing video games

  5. Besides some online harassment from a few fragile ego boys. I've never really been chastised for playing video games. I've been a part of multiple gamers groups who meet up and play games, that are filled with gamers of all genders. And besides some light mocking the of the stereotypes, the guys there don't harass the girls for being girl gamers.
    It is sad that for the longest time only boys had representation in the heroes of games. But things have changed and continue to change, we're getting wider representation of the rainbow of human life.
    This is making a great deal out of something that isn't really as big of a issue. There are places where we should call out clear gatekeeping. And promote healthy behavior in our treatment of each other.

  6. 3:45 And who the hell says otherwise? I was so happy when my little sister finally decided she wanted to play Oblivion after spending months of just watching me play.

  7. Adam: "People who play candy crush and angry birds are gamers!"
    Me: "… Okay?"

  8. Anyone who has spent any time using a microphone knows the are significantly more guys who play video games. Mobile trash doesn't really count given the significant low barrier to entry. It's like calling me an author because I can write comments on YouTube videos lol.

  9. This guy is a closet pedo. I don't care what "achhhaully kids can be Trans and it's good" man says. Yes some girls play games but for the majority of time it's more of a boys club. There were innovative and highly important female game developers in gaming history. Everybody knows this. Yet gamergate and like events showed most gaming journalists never talked about important woman. Instead they simped for Brian Wuu and that HO who slept with five+ men. The gamer girl thing became cringe because journos tried to claim male gamers were all evil and they said mobile gaming was equal to PC gaming. Nobody said it was exclusively boys club. The only thing that's exclusive is being a female or male. Saying your the opposite just makes you wrong and dumb.

  10. Such a bad comparison to compare people who play mobile games to console games. Mobile games have such a low barrier to entry that of course they're going to be easier to play. People who spend money on games compared to people who aren't is a better way of measuring the gaming demographic. Also I like how when "owning" misogyny they give a girl pink headphones, a product that is probably purely marketed to women and profits off stereotypes, so she seems more like a gamer. That is probably a significantly better example of actual stereotypes, but the end of the day, stereotypes to some extent exist for a reason.

  11. I didn't see this video for the first time until 2018, and I honestly didn't know this until that point. It still doesn't help that games have been marketed in the boys toy section since the 1980s, and that only recently changed about 6 years ago. I remember all of the video games when I was a kid being marketed in the boys section in Toys R Us. Also Adam didn't cite his source and mobile games don't count as real video games. A real video game is on a console or PC.

  12. Literally the only reason this video exist is to help the feminist agenda that’s literally the only reason so to anybody who is mad just know that that’s the reason

  13. man, this industry has come a long way since this video, with a long way still to go. I would argue in terms of video game communities more work needs to be done, but in terms of advertisement and representation we have come a long way since the examples in this video. I just hope it keeps heading in this direction.

  14. It's so funny to read butthurt nerd's comments 😂🤣. Do you all think that is so serious? Oh my. 😅

  15. The amount of conjecture and misleading info in this video is astounding.

  16. No all games are not equal, not in the slightest. Calling phone games video games is like calling a news article a novel

  17. As a boy or man myself, I always said games are for everyone and everywhere 😀

  18. When I saw this on an Adam Ruins Everything episode, I knew I was in for a ride.

    I could never verify the things said. I have female gamer friends. I didn't think much of it. I don't even consider Adam Ruins Everything as credible. Just fun.

    This segment though gave me the tummy crawlies. I get it when I feel like a topic is gonna get controversial.

    I do agree the marketing was targeted for boys but things are much more complicated than they are. They forgot to mention tomboys, girls who just want to have fun, other stuff.

  19. Sony actually hate making money and are suicidal, that's why they aren't marketing towards women. If only they watched this episode so they could hire Adam to work for them in marketing and make millions more!

  20. I’ve always thought Pong was just a soccer simulator so the “boy or girl” dot was just a soccer ball

  21. “Games are games”
    I mean… not all of them. In the modern age, we get crappy phone games that have you pay money out the nose like Raid: Shadow Legends or that weird murder mystery grandma mobile game. Please tell me the data says that women aren’t playing these games and actually playing GOOD phone games. Like Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Plants vs Zombies and Fire Emblem Heroes

  22. The fact that the Adam Ruins Everything episode that talks about how marketing made gaming less welcoming to women and girls is one of (if not the most) disliked episode is not a coincidence. lol

  23. I like how there's no graphs or statistics showing how many people actually think games are for just dudes when I was a little kid the Sega had barbie and barny video games like video games for everyone has always been a thing theirs billions of games

  24. Imagine being Adam and being this terminally wrong.

  25. I agree that the video game industry needs to do more to cater to women, but freemium mobile games are hurting the industry. Women deserve quality games too that aren't complete money grab rip offs.

  26. That's a lot of dislikes. Did I miss something lol

  27. I hate to be that guy but them marketing the consoles toward boys does make sense. It's probably far more likely for boys to want something marketed toward them than things marketed toward girls and girls would probably be more likely to also want something marketed toward boys, so this was essentially a way to definitely get interest from one market and have some interest from another

  28. Except I'd argue the gender split slowly disappeared through the 90s and early 2000s. Last 20 years of gaming I'd argue are pretty even. Sure, in TV and Movies there's all this talk of COD and halo and whatnot, specifically showing the male audience (especially through the mid and later 2000s…) but at the same time, there's plenty of women who played games, and not just smart phone games. But I'd argue that most people really don't see it that way, and really don't care about "gaming is for boys." It's just a hobby to enjoy.
    And as for phone games, sure, if that's your speed, go for it. However, I wouldn't call it an untapped market. So many attempts have been made to bring the phone game market success to consoles and PC. Problem is, people play phone games for brief intervals during the day at any point. It's pickup, play while you spend 15 minutes waiting for a meeting to start, or class to begin, then put down. That's not the way people play console games. It's just a different experience entirely.

  29. >implying phone games are even slightly comparable to console games.
    Some douch wrote.
    The comparison doesn't imply that both are alike. It implies that the desire for game entertainment is the same in both genders but the availibility and exposure and cultural pressure define how that desire will manifest. Markets is supposedly ruled by demand and offer. But in this case, for women, the demand is ignored and the offer is just compensatory. This tangent argument about phone games being different from video games just covers up the resistence to simply admit that the market is sexist. Like in all sexist propagandas, we keep telling women what they should feel or need instead of asking. If boys were told constantly that video games were for girls, they ll also curb their desire for such a thing and divert it to something else too. Internalization is a powerful force. Same goes for cars and driving. Girls are not educated in childhood about mechanics and when they grow up it becomes this scary thing to attempt when men had an early start learning about it and when they are told it s men s domain to obssess about cars.. The number of sexist Jokes alone i ve heard since i was a child is huge, so the idea that women are bad drivers permeates everything even if data must show the contrary. This culture even treats careful driving as bad driving, and treats reckless behaviours as shows of superior control over cars. It links each of these to a gender and will always interpret it in favor of men coz duh ! Patriarchy. This may look trival but this lack of education in girls' parenting affects their future inclinations towards studying engeneering or mechanics or even sciences in general. The proof is here. Publicizing video games as something a boy does better caused women's initial participation in video making to dwindle, not just girls to stop playing video games.. They started off proficient at coding and Electronics and graphics and because they are told video games and computers are for boys' use, they retreated from that field.

  30. that would nort work today. it would need to pick from boys , girls, they , us, she, he , trans, we. ours, it. LOL

  31. -trying to say that the difference is due to marketing and nintendo putting the games in the boys isle in the 80s instead of the fundamental differences in taste of men and women in our society.
    The games are made to be violent and intense and the games are marketed as such. Of course there will be more interest for men than for women.

  32. If girls want to play then they should play. Nobody is stopping them. Men don't think its weird because of marketing. We think its odd because the main females in our lives are typically anti gaming(mom, wife, sister etc.). Also would greedy corporations have marketed to them already if there was money to be made?

  33. I feel like one thing that can help prove these theories further is that most video games now a days especially the ones made in Japan are making most of their playable characters, female. Especially the ones with multiple playable characters.

  34. Adam Ruins Everything does not ruin everything, because he is full of s__t.
    And if you lie and talk BS like him, then you can't be taken seriously, thus you can't ruin things.
    Thou he is trying to ruin things, he must like the feeling, well, glad that he can't ruin this.

  35. Again, Adam is wrong about everything. This fool is a complete scammer.

  36. Female adults play more than boy teenagers? Stop the cap.

  37. Crazy how many dudes pretending to be women there are in the comments.

  38. I will say that I feel a lot of the appeal for adult women playing mobile games is the simplicity, mobility, and ability to put it down and pick it up whenever

  39. I completely agree that women should be able to play games without getting bullied or harassed, but I disagree with Adam when he said "So? games are games" after the kid said it was just stupid phone games.

    Phone games usually have significantly less budget, a smaller team and less effort put into them, it's completely unfair to compare Phone games to computer games, it's like comparing a show made by a small team with little budget and effort, to something like Avenger's endgame.

  40. "Um, actually my mom's sister's son's freind's mom's cousin's dog's dogwalker played games so this video is completely disproved. Libtards owned.😎"

  41. Is this Adam guy seriously dumb enough to believe that X-box and so on would leave a "huge market" untapped?

    Does he live in Lalaland or something?

  42. I'm not entirely sure why I keep seeing comments about people saying Ms. Pac-Man was created by "two college students", or that the fact that it was a ROM-hack (it was originally a conversion kit, not a ROM-hack) makes it any less possible that it was created with a female audience in mind. Literally all you need to do is look at the Wikipedia page for Ms. Pac-Man and it'll say right there that part of the reason the game featured a Ms. Pac-Man was "our way of thanking all those lady arcaders who have played and enjoyed Pac-Man." The reference is an article called "Women Join the Arcade Revolution" by Joyce Worley.

    Also to clear up the college student thing in case no one wants to read: the General Computer Corporation (GCC) created an enhancement kit for Pac-Man called "Crazy Otto" and because of a lawsuit with Atari, they were barred from selling future conversion kits without consent from the original manufacterer. Instead of scrapping Crazy Otto, GCC brought the idea to Midway (Namco's American distributor) and Midway loved the idea so much they purchased the rights for Crazy Otto and arranged a sequel Pac-Man to be made, which they were wanting anyways. They went through several names (Super Pac-Man, Miss Pac-Man, Mrs. Pac-Man) before settling on Ms. Pac-Man, and Midway agreed to pay royalties to Namco.

    Like I'm not an expert on this subject, I just read a couple of paragraphs and a bit of the article. Shame on you all who couldn't bother to do some reading.

  43. Hey Adam, you should try to promote more smart people to watch your show, seems like an untapped market for you.

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