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A fan sent me their broken GameBoy…

The Retro Future
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I stumbled across a video of a viewer asking me to fix their faulty GameBoy and I thought it was really sweet and wanted to help. I had no idea how much work was going to be involved…


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  1. Nice work indeed Elliott. My DMG gameboy is red and was missing the screen lens when I found it at the local Saturday market. I’ve since got a repro one on eBay to replace it with. BTW, I’ve tried putting some of my aircon louvres in the hot Aussie sun for 6 hours and it did make them noticeably less yellow. So it might be worth a try if you get a decent amount of sun there.

  2. This is really generous of someone to do. Especially giving away a legitimate copy of Pokemon Blue.

  3. I love any time you fix or refurb a Gameboy. Another killer video.

  4. One of my fav people to watch at the moment, thanks for giving me a chill video to watch at the end of the week 👌

  5. People like you that repair consoles are like wizards. Y'all leave me speechless whenever I look at repair videos, ahah!

  6. It was so nice of you fixing that ASD lads Gameboy! Loved the vid mate!

  7. Bro i love ur videos, they r so interesting to me

  8. Very generous of you. Always good to see another video. Sometimes one just has to get the screwdrivers out and fix something.

  9. Need my fat PS3 backwards compatible fix too show black screen when turn on

  10. Many years back I made a misguided attempt at repairing my DMG by supergluing the loose lens onto the shell, which fogged up the plastic as you said in the video and in any case i'd like to replace some of the worn parts with aftermarket stuff. Is there a good way to dissolve the superglue while making sure the shell remains undamaged?

  11. I have purchased my handful of failed attempts to be fixed. I always get annoyed when I find out repairs have been attempted. You have to look at what they did and determine if you can even salvage anything in most cases it’s a loss cause. I always try to avoid repeating the same mistake if buying already worked on handhelds. Though even after asking so many questions to confirm they are not I still get lied to. The last batch I got had obvious signs of repair. One of the Gameboys had even been open and was now missing buttons that in the images it had. When I reached out to the seller for him to explain what happened he called me a scammer and that I was trying to steal from him by swapping my own destroyed parts in. I ended up losing that claim and was upset about it for weeks. I later sold that lot and was able to get back some of the money. Though when I listed them I listed the faults for each one because I’m a honest person and don’t want someone to feel like I lied to them.

  12. Bravo Elliot! God bless you dude! Not only did you fix his DMG GameBoy for free, but you gave him your working copy of Pokemon Blue! You're an absolute legend, and an inspiration! I really hope I have the pleasure of meeting you in person one day! Quick question though about the dead pixels on the screen. The trick you used with the soldering iron, is that a permanent fix or just a temporary fix?

  13. Honestly dude you couldn't have been nicer to this guy doing all this for free and gave him a real copy of pokemon blue to replace his broken repro
    You have earned a sub from me bud

  14. I love Gameboys but dont have one love to have one but if i get it also need cassettes right nowadays cassettes are very rare and now gameboys are very expensive thinking of these i will stop
    Dreaming of these

  15. woah-woah-woah hold up, where did you get that awesome game case for your copy of pkmn blue @1:22 ?? NEED!!"

  16. That back motherboard doesn't belong in a shell with jis outer screws… an 06 is the Rev that was released before the play it loud models came out.. so it's definitely not a launch system motherboard

  17. would you fix a worn out d-pad on a ds lite? If yes… I got one like that.

  18. Dude, I audibly gasped when I heard you say you were giving him your copy of Pokemon Blue. You are an absolute saint, man. That was so genuine and pure. I will always continue to support your channel. Keep being the best that humanity has to offer.

  19. Elliott, instead of retro brighting, try cover the gameboy shell in bleach gel and let it sit for a couple hours. U don’t need to use any special lighting or nothing, just cover the shell evenly with a toothbrush or sumthing and let it sit. The gel won’t ruin the Nintendo logo on the front of the shell or anything. Works really well, I’ve done a few of them now with really good results

  20. Very wholesome video mate. Really enjoyed it, much love.

  21. Hey Elliot, I really love your content and started refurbing my old gameboys myself. I bought a refurbed gameboy original off ebay and, everything works great but the volume dial doesn't hit the 0 mark so even on the lowest volume setting it there's still some sound coming out. Any advice?

  22. aw man you fix that up and then use sharpie on it ?
    Sharpie is terrible on plastics. it seeps through and stains deep on the long term.
    not too bad on the inside of the lid but in 5 years that your autograph all blurry

  23. Proof Elliot is from the future.
    He recorded this in December 2022. /s

  24. So if i ever get a broken gameboy or ds, would you restor it for me? I'd pay you

  25. Hey Elliot, don’t worry about it. We know you’re busy with your new home and with everything that’s been going on, but we’re sure you’ll be up and running in no time.

  26. Care to link the soldering iron you use? I'm in the market for a new one

  27. Love how many retrobrites you have done and you still use the "hello kitty" UV lamp

  28. Just don't go putting the wrong blue cartridge back on your shelf 😁🙏🏽

  29. Ese pokemon azul es mas falso que los pollos del prica

  30. wait… you are not getting paid for this? why are you working for free?

  31. I swear to god I saw you in yo sushi today

  32. This was honestly a really sweet video. I’ve been watching your videos for some time now and love that you explain how the components work. Thanks to a mix of seeing your repairs on the TPS-L2 Walkman, I was able to take it apart, fix it, and then put it back together

  33. You seemed so upset this video, it was hard to watch…

  34. Hey Elliot repaired a SNES controller that I got from my friends today

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