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A fan sent me their broken GameBoy…

The Retro Future
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I stumbled across a video of a viewer asking me to fix their faulty GameBoy and I thought it was really sweet and wanted to help. I had no idea how much work was going to be involved…


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  1. You’re way too nice Elliot! Doing this for some random viewer and for free too?! We don’t deserve you~ ❤️❤️❤️

  2. 1989 gameboy give it a clean it works. gameboy advance sp I spray wd 40 contact cleaner on the button pads on the motherboard and they stop working.

  3. I dont wanna know what someone did with the front 😛

  4. I really loved this.
    The amount of care, attention and sweetness is how I try to be.
    Great job Elliot. 😊

  5. Honestly, I would pay you to fix a broken gameboy if it’s fixable, maybe when the renovation is done you could set it up as an extra form of income with clear rules when it comes to fixing. Keep it up, love your repair videos!

  6. sometime i get to get my GB pocket repaired. it doesn't even turn on with fresh batteries.

  7. Either this is a reupload, or I can see the future.

  8. The ramifications of repairing a viewers item must be quite a heavy decision to make, especially with the expectations of future viewers almost feeling deserving of a repair and a video. When you are spending your time and money on fixing others things without the insentive above a potential video and the headache that could come of it.

  9. really cool video i always enjoy watching ur videos

  10. Okay you got a vid out of this but I would never expect someone to repair something for free, especially when you swapped out the fake game for an original one 😬 great work and video again Elliot 👍

  11. I've been thinking about this for a while but I was wondering if I could send you my old broken 3DS free of charge for you to keep, the only payment being an answer of if it was ever repairable and possibly a video on you repairing it. I'll be buying a new 3ds for myself soon anyway and I'm not worried about getting any money from this one because it may as well be scrap to me so it would be more valuable in your hands.

  12. damn, I'm jealous, he got a free copy of Pokemon blue

  13. I have two game gears that need repair you want to keep one 👀👀👀😁 just kidding I'm not going to put you through that but awesome job man I love your channel

  14. Didn't you already release this video before?

  15. No oh my daeeezing or literallying just good old repair work ❤️

  16. how do you take requests? i got a 4gen pokemon, black ds lite.Had issue with hinge and screen i bleieve years ago and i had gotten some parts as well as a new chinese replacement shell but never was able to figure things out and put together. If interested, when i buy a house and find it.. i can send and any extra bits you can keep. I think theres an extra screen and like 2 shells plus original and obviously id like to keep the original one instead of the chinese replacement thats an obvious fake. Let me know man. If ya got an email that i can have on hand or something or reach out direct later. But hey, at least im honest, i took apart like almost 10years back lol

  17. The fact that your thumbnail is photoshopped is the reason I will never subscribe

  18. Шaтsои'š Щоґld Оf Шоиdєґš says:

    Aw and there was me taping up a parcel of watches and my Vespa to see if you would fix 'em 😛 Just enjoying this vid on my Switch in between Resi Evil Zero and Mario Maker 2…

  19. Шaтsои'š Щоґld Оf Шоиdєґš says:

    Send the screen and ribbon to Alex at Northridge Fix to really make his day hehehehe

  20. What’s the name of your grey pocket knife

  21. Ah, the original Game Boy, the most important handheld ever made that debuted Kirby and Pokémon.

  22. One of these days I should get my old GBA SP fixed/upgraded. It still plays well, but the speaker's on its way out – if the cartridge is pushed in too hard it just stops playing sound entirely (Not exactly good when one of the carts I have is the Nintendo MP3 Player one XD)

  23. Where is the best place to find a game boy? Besides eBay.

  24. I don't why, but I feel like I've seen this video before, shrugs always enjoy watching your videos man, keep it up!

  25. Have you ever considered doing repair work on a faulty Virtual Boy as a tutorial for the rest of us?

  26. ❤️ Hermosa eleccion 4.FO/Elizeid de mejor

    1 (elecciones ) 9.9/10 2 ( culturales ) 9.7/10

    Son unos de los mejores conciertos

    , no-puede-ir-pero-de-tan-solo verlos

    desde pantalla,, se que estuvo

    Sorprendente .

  27. Hi all!
    Back 20 years ago I stuck a screm in the "don't put screw here pot" and ruined the origisnl screen a little (the paper in the back tore a bit).
    I this fixable?
    I know I can get ips but I wouke like to fix it, if possible.

  28. Can you please fix my wifi on my Wii. Please send me a postage-paid box? Free mods too.

  29. That looks like a gameboy that was rebuilt from older parts, the fake serial number label on the back is a massive giveaway

  30. Spending a whole £1.20 on peroxide 😂

    I found that stuff never works… Great for removing blood though

  31. What is that screw driver? Where do I get one?

  32. i need my gameboy fixed but have no money yet.

  33. This was a very enjoyable and chill video
    it makes me feel comfortable don't know why 😊

  34. Dude you're so nice for doing this. Actual saint.

  35. Hey Eliot! I’m a huge fan and game developer! I’ve been playing around with making Gameboy games that run on the original GB and GBC. Would it be cool if I made one using your likeness/Logos for you? I’ll mail you a physical copy once done if you’re interested 😀

  36. What is the damn point of a Warranty void if removed sticker on a Flat piece of platic attached to the motherboard, you could open it up and drill a hole through the board and it would still be covered under warranty.

  37. I need a better screen for my gameboy color

  38. That’s really nice you gave him your copy of Pokémon blue ☺️ I remember when I first bought my copy back in the day. I still have the original box and all that. Back when I was able to go into the store and just buy a replacement copy, thank you Fries electronic for saving the day.

  39. Imagine the guy eats some cheetos and plays the gameboy as soon as he gets it back lmao

  40. Do you sell any gameboys or do you just do stuff like this

  41. The Retro Future's IQ:


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