Kubz Scouts
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A horror game about a boy trapped in the vents, a police body cam horror game and a short valentines day horror game..

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We’re here to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously, so any negative comments will be automatically deleted! Thanks for watching!



  1. 6:08 : Korean: 내가 7 회기 해 봤는데 스포이드로 바퀴 벌레 넣는데 근데 그게 어땧게 바늘을 더 만드 는 건지 잘 모르겠어 나도 그렇게 됬는데 사실 헉실한건 지 사람을 봤다고 생각해. 고마은게 그게 다리리는 말이지. 난 그걸 좋아한다고 한적 없는다?

  2. I hope Jay will see this because it's my birthday and it'd be rad to get noticed by Jay. Regardless, thanks for all the memories as always Jay!

  3. Its been a long time since i saw you play a puppet combo game..

  4. Hey jay, big fan of your gohome episode.

    Came here to say you should play yaso! [same dev from gohome]

    This is my 4th time asking!

  5. bro jay looking back at vent boy instead of just watching where he was going pissed me off sm LMAO like if he was watching where he was going i promised he would have survived longer

  6. Jey I good horror game (not sure if you played) is Escape The Ayuwoki it is a Michael Jackson horror game

  7. "Dont see back" then this mf immediately looks behind ☠️😭

  8. 도망치지 말고 마주 하라
    Korean detected
    Translation: Don’t run away and face each other

  9. “No, please. Cooperate with me, box. Please? I’m having a rough day.” Maybe you need to speak to it in Korean! 😂

  10. 6:49 : Install CCTV first

    6:49 : CCTV을 먼저 설치하기오

    It’s very difficult for me to translate it with that sloppy handwriting.…

  11. It was very difficult for me to translate the 6:49 text with that handwriting…

  12. Very difficult with that handwriting, honestly.…

  13. 6:51 : NOT CONNECTED . CCTV가 설치되지 않았거나 괴물해게 파괴된 있는지확인하세요.

    Translation: Make sure that the CCTV is not installed or it will be monstrously destroyed.

  14. "Dont seek back"
    Jay-looks at the monster the whole chase scene

  15. 7:05 : CCTV works great when dealing with it, especially the noise-making function of CCTV, which catches its attention and buys it more time to mess with it.

    (Go play Q and take out the CCTV and install it.)

    Korean: CCTV는 그것을 상대할 때 큰 효과를 발휘한다 특히 CCTV의 소음발생기능은 그것의 주의를 꿀어 더망칠 시간을 벌어주었디.

    (Q를 놀러 CCTV를 꺼내 설치한다.)

  16. 9:42 : 1년전, 난 내 아이를 이 핟평구애 버렸다. 상황상 너

    힘들었고, 키을 여력이 없덛 당시에 선택한 결정이있다. 오늘, 그 잔해를 황인활 것이다.

  17. 9:44 : 3중 나선형 구조 DNA를 소유한 생명체의 DNA 구조가 파괴되고

    3좀 나선형으로 밴이된다. 한 세표에 염색가 2개가 아닌 3개가 결합한 형태이므로,

    성별또한 암, 수로 즉시 암컥애게서 일을 배줄해내고, 기분 DNA구조를 파괴하는 점액실을 배줄한다.

    9:44 : The DNA structure of organisms possessing triple helix DNA is destroyed.

    3some spirals into a van. Since it is a form in which three dyes are combined in one cell, not two,

    Gender, both male and female, immediately arranges work in the female, and arranges mucous chambers that destroy the DNA structure of the mood.

  18. Jay keeps looking back and getting stuck and its just too funny

  19. saw this game on tiktok and im so happy that ur the person that popped up first

  20. For a few translations for the first game, the monster is sensitive to sound, and you can use the security cameras to keep track of where the monster is. From what I've been told, you play as the mother who abandoned her child that was born a year ago in those vents. She decided to go check on him to see that the boy she abandoned presumably turned into that monster. One of the clipboards was written in first person, saying how the writer abandoned their son in the vents, as she couldn't raise him

  21. 1:15
    "도망치지 말고 마주하라"
    it means something like don't run/escape away ,face it , still learning Korean so idk the direct translation
    Lemme know if y'all want translation for other Notes written in Korean as well!

  22. btw the clipboard in korean said don't run away face it witch makes a lot of sense🤓👆

  23. Jeff the killer but hes from mental hospital

  24. Oct 26 2005 was the literal day before I was born

  25. Ok, for anyone who's wondering what the song is during intermissions, it's "Mizuki" by Bad Snacks

  26. I wanted to see gameplay of vent boy but was scared bc I only watch Jay (religiously) so I'm so glad that he played this game :)))

  27. Thank for still being here on YouTube just wanted to let you know how hard it can be on YouTube, we see you Jay. Your awesome you make our day some times more then not so thank you!

  28. Spam in a box. My dawg is speaking my language

  29. Jay: Looking back is whack
    Also him: looking back every sec 💀

  30. Jay: Looking back is wack"

    Jay: Looks back.

  31. What happened to his lips 😅. It's big and dark red…😅😅😅

  32. I loved the flower and music at the end!!

  33. Jay I just love your smile it really brings warmth 🥲

  34. There are a lot of people here that are talking about anything but the video

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