5 FREE roblox intros! (girls and boys!) PART 2! || mxddsie ♡ - playknightdefender.com

5 FREE roblox intros! (girls and boys!) PART 2! || mxddsie ♡

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☆ I hope you enjoy these free intros you are welcome to use! ☆
please DO NOT include them in ‘free intro’ videos for your own channel, they are for personal use only!
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more of my free intros:
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(the intro in the beginning is made by me!)
hope you all enjoy and please subscribe for more!
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you can find more of my work here!

roblox group:
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if you would like to order any of my roblox/gfx art, please
message me on instagram!
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thanks – maddie 🙂


  1. What all do you use to do all that animation please tutorial on how to get all that stuff ty

  2. Oh ma godd these are all so good!! It probably took a long time, we all love you period 💅💅✨✨

  3. Totally Not Yusra - On break for most of july 😭 says:

    Thank you so much mxddie! Your so kind thanks for putting the hard work into this💕

  4. Can we appreciate that dressing up part of her intro! 🤭🤭😳😳😳😳:o

  5. When you know everyone will use the same intro 👀

  6. i literally cannot with the intro i mean like- ITS SO GOOD!

  7. I think I might use one but if I do I’ll give creds. Your changing my life helping out so much. I’ll stay a supporter even if the whole world is against you 💖 Thank you.

  8. TAHNK you soo much I really appreciate it! I don't know how to make good intro so I didn't but! Tysm I choose 2 intro credit goes to our queen!!!!

  9. This was made a long time ago, so you probably won’t see this comment but I think you should do the boy gfx you did In the thumbnail, I really liked it, unless it’s yours

  10. Internetconnection... - dont post much says:

    i love these but i am kinda confused on how to use them they look beautiful tho

  11. Hi tysm for your hardwork but how do i copy the intro do i download it or what

  12. Ilysm and I’m Srry if you don’t want us to use them u r amazing

  13. I knew immediately number 1 was best for me!! I used it!! Thanks maddie! 💝💕

  14. I love her gfxs i watch it all the time on moive night and can i give credit becuse i edit on my pc and have an other chanel

  15. Im gonna use the first intro for my yt channel [not this account] but im gonna give credit and ur work is absolutely amazing

  16. How did u do your own intro?

  17. I have a question how do you get they background i mean they are so cute

  18. I wanna use it but I'll save it for the others who rlly wants it.

  19. I love her intros it's so cute!~~

  20. Hi mixddsie u inspire me everyday ! Tnx a lot I will be using one of this for my channel .my channel is is inspired by urs

  21. so we are not alowed to use these as our own intros for public people? pls respond because i dont want to do copyright!

  22. Maddie Ik u probably won’t respond but I was wondering if u could add more black ones then all white then just one black thx <3

  23. Hi Mxddsie!

    I enjoyed this video 💕 I can tell this took over a day because it’s such good quality and great!!
    You truly do care about us! Such diversity and great intros 🙂 What lovely intro😊
    ❤︎︎Intro 1: 1:08 (brown hair girl w/ white complexion)
    ❤︎︎Intro 2: 1:31 (blonde hair girl w/ white complexion)
    ❤︎︎Intro 3: 1:52 (black hair girl w/ black complexion)
    ❤︎︎Intro 4: 2:12 (brown hair boy w/ tan complexion)
    ❤︎︎Intro 5: 2:34 (blonde hair boy with white complexion)

    I thought I would do this because I saw some very nice comments do this, so I thought I could be helpful too! <3

  24. Ty I’m using the 1st intro just letting you know

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