5 FREE roblox intros! (girls and boys!) || mxddsie ♡ - playknightdefender.com

5 FREE roblox intros! (girls and boys!) || mxddsie ♡

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☆ I hope you enjoy these free intros you are welcome to use! ☆
please DO NOT include them in ‘free intro’ videos for your own channel, they are for personal use only!

part 2 available now:
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(the intro in the beginning is made by me!)
hope you all enjoy and please subscribe for more!
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you can find more of my work here!

roblox group:
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if you would like to order any of my roblox/gfx art, please
message me on instagram!
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thanks – maddie 🙂


  1. Luv it @mxddsie! I used the first one for my intro! I love how you include the different genders and races, so sweet of you!

  2. what was the model name in intro 2?

  3. Hi there’s this girl name vals shiner and for one of ur intros she said don’t steal or I’ll ban you but now she’s not using it anymore

  4. If I use anything of yours I will credit you in the description or the comment section so you don’t have to say I stole it

  5. what font do you use for your intro?

  6. Are you even able to download these to your videos

  7. Can I use it for my content in my channel? 😉😉😉

  8. I want the first one please and your contents our great!

  9. This is amazing they are all so good tysm for making these and I would like to use one but how do I save it?

  10. first of all, She cares for everyone and every race this is why i subed! And second how do i use a template? Like put it in my videos?

  11. New subie i love the diversity in this video and tysm for ur hard work I will be using these and tag u in caption

  12. how do you make them like hold magazines and play claw machines??

  13. The only thing im using is the music in the background do i need to put credit for that aswell?

  14. Imagine finding someone with the same intro as you

  15. Hii! U might not notice but this YouTuber is using your intros and telling people it’s hers. If u r wondering who comment and I’ll send the link

  16. This is amazing and Tysm Maddie. The fact that it woulden't let me download it, its still amazing how you put all the effort into it for us all

  17. Will you please make me a intro idk how to edit and I am just starting a Chanel please

  18. when u have that feeling someone’s gonna use the same intro as you

  19. Gaming With Daniel#TYSMFOR60SUBS #ROADTO100SUBS says:

    I would use the 5th one but idk how to put in the Roblox face and body In!so it would really help if you had a vid about how to but in your face and body!ty!

  20. Hey I seen this video already I’m going to use one but I might use some of them but I like you always the best I like you’re in jail more than this some of them so I might try this for my channel maybe

  21. i used it 😛 ur really nice and generous to share these to others! it’s really aesthetic, nice and pretty. TYSM! <3

  22. Omg I love this so much, can you costume make mine?!

  23. You inspired me to start a yt channel and I wanna give u all creds to my new intro <33

  24. ℭ𝔥𝔢𝔯𝔯𝔶 𝔐𝔦𝔩𝔨𝔶 says:

    Awh so sweet that your showing free intros! I actually like all from the black girl I see you like black girls that’s kind and sweet some Diane like and bully them only bc of their skins but their humans too tho- 🌸♥️

  25. Hi maddie me And my cousin are using one of ur intros

  26. Ty you know everything you are the best ty so much

  27. Omg stop chatting bruh dang can’t nobody see her comment

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