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5 FREE HORSE GAMES (New Horse Games) | Pinehaven

Abigail Pinehaven
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Here are 5 FREE horse games for mobile and PC! This list includes Horse Riding Tales, Wildshade / Alicia Online, That Horse Game, Wildsong and Equestrian The Game.

This video is family friendly.

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  1. Wish my laptop would let me on star stable it says I need a computer ?!

  2. Im obsessed with wildsong, thanks for making a video about it c.c

  3. Hey! I can't figure out how to install Alicia Online. I got a new Laptop a while back, but it wont let me download Alicia because "It's not safe to download"? If anyone knows how to fix this issue, please tell me!

  4. Breeding will probably come next Tuesday (21th June) to ETG. I really enjoy this game and the control gets very easy after playing it a bit, but the tack, season pass and clothes are much to expensive :/

  5. Love ur content but wild song is not on iphone

  6. Wait I can't find wildsong in my phone

  7. I hate wildshade. That's just cheap version of Alicia online

  8. I like wildsong I play all the time

  9. U should do a video about horse haven world adventures

  10. You should play horse haven and see how you like it (it’s a moble game and I think also a desktop game )

  11. Ok about horse riding tales, (My favourite horse game) The graphics look different on my screen because I use an ipad and I think it looks like orange sunset because you might be on pc. Although it does take a while to get better and to level up, it is fun to see where you started and where you are now. I fully reccomend this game only problem is that there are some errors and bugs but that is because you would need to restart your device or something.

  12. I can't find Wildsong on my iPhone 7 or iPad pro, which is sad because its adorable…

  13. I know this game is outdated and is no longer getting updated but My Horse is amazing

  14. I would love wildshade! Thank you for telling us about it Abby!

  15. I have horse riding tales however they dont have many things to do like at all so I dont play it often. im on level 10 and im tired just competing, catching horses, and crafting. I play it once or twice a month so really not all that often plus I play It for like 10 minutes. Wildshade can be a bit tricky at times and the rain isn't the best but its still ok. I have not played that horse game yet because I cant seem to download it unfortunately. I have not played Wildsong yet but i am going to download it right after I post this comment. I have been playing Equestrian The Game ever since it came out globally and im in love with it! I have at least one of every horse breed.

  16. I really enjoy the free rival stars on mobile>

  17. Me watching this while my star stable is taking Hundred hours just to update :/

  18. I love playing horse riding tales it's incredible I love it

  19. Thanks for telling me this abigail i love horses and u too your my fav yt channel

  20. Wildsong
    You cant play wildsong in denmark im really upseet

  21. Okay but can we talk about HI3 please? I feel as if it is totally under rated! 💖

  22. I play horse riding tales its super duper fun! And i made my own club in it but sometimes can be a little bit boring but yeaa

  23. It's funny, I can't seem to find Wild Song on my mobile, I'm wondering if it's restricted in certain countries? But it is a damn cute lil game ^^ Great video, as always!

  24. Just saying, no affence Abigail Pinehaven but you haven't played enough to judge ETG and the controls are super easy after-awhile of playing.

  25. Ok but wildsong isn't on the app store tho? Just looked it up. Usually apps will still show up on the store for me, even if my phone isn't compatible (Samsung galaxy A21) so why don't I see it? 🙁

  26. I think you didn’t say rival stars?

  27. The graphics on horse riding tales on mobile… ITS AWFUL 😣

  28. Pov: my dream to have "that horse game" I CAN'T!!!!

    (Anyways I have horse riding tales)

  29. there is a horse game called my horse its amde in 2013 but pretty good x

  30. 1:57 aNd fOr yOur oWn hEalTh iD rECcOmEnD nOt tO gO iNTo thE viP sHoP, As tHe pRiCeS MaY gIvE yOu a Heart aTtAcK.
    1:24 gRinDy aNd oRanGe..
    We love you Abi :3

  31. you missed a game, its called my horse! its not something thats like a running around game, it more focuses on competition and taking care of your horse(s)

  32. I've downloaded ETG on mobile (I'm too broke for a PC) and I'm absolutely IN LOOOVVEEEE

  33. Im in love with wildsong! But my phone dont upadate playstore but i hope i will got wildsong❤️

  34. Thx I know now they all . My level is 30.I know etg and wild too. Your videos are sooo cool i watching you everything.

  35. The controls for ETG are really not that complicated. I mean the horses automatically jump for you if you just swipe up and you can swipe up from literally anywhere and my horses clear the jumps 😂 they just created the realistic feeling of a untrained horse being difficult to ride so when you are trying to train and do things the horse will quit or speed up or slow down. It’s not the controls failing it’s the horse needing to be trained/the horse being to low level 🙂

  36. Hey abigail. Did i suprise you yesterday 20-6-2022. You were playing on wild horse island, my name was JESSnldeutch.

    And btw i have played most if the games you had here. I do still play equestrian the game and its actually really easy once you understand. I do recommend trying the cold the middle horses who fit the best for you. Just try it. But to reach the olimpics id recommend the middle and trying them out first.

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