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5 FREE HORSE GAMES (New Horse Games) | Pinehaven

Abigail Pinehaven
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Here are 5 FREE horse games for mobile and PC! This list includes Horse Riding Tales, Wildshade / Alicia Online, That Horse Game, Wildsong and Equestrian The Game.

This video is family friendly.

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  1. Ok but wildsong isn't on the app store tho? Just looked it up. Usually apps will still show up on the store for me, even if my phone isn't compatible (Samsung galaxy A21) so why don't I see it? 🙁

  2. I think you didn’t say rival stars?

  3. The graphics on horse riding tales on mobile… ITS AWFUL 😣

  4. Pov: my dream to have "that horse game" I CAN'T!!!!

    (Anyways I have horse riding tales)

  5. there is a horse game called my horse its amde in 2013 but pretty good x

  6. 1:57 aNd fOr yOur oWn hEalTh iD rECcOmEnD nOt tO gO iNTo thE viP sHoP, As tHe pRiCeS MaY gIvE yOu a Heart aTtAcK.
    1:24 gRinDy aNd oRanGe..
    We love you Abi :3

  7. you missed a game, its called my horse! its not something thats like a running around game, it more focuses on competition and taking care of your horse(s)

  8. I've downloaded ETG on mobile (I'm too broke for a PC) and I'm absolutely IN LOOOVVEEEE

  9. Im in love with wildsong! But my phone dont upadate playstore but i hope i will got wildsong❤️

  10. Thx I know now they all . My level is 30.I know etg and wild too. Your videos are sooo cool i watching you everything.

  11. The controls for ETG are really not that complicated. I mean the horses automatically jump for you if you just swipe up and you can swipe up from literally anywhere and my horses clear the jumps 😂 they just created the realistic feeling of a untrained horse being difficult to ride so when you are trying to train and do things the horse will quit or speed up or slow down. It’s not the controls failing it’s the horse needing to be trained/the horse being to low level 🙂

  12. Hey abigail. Did i suprise you yesterday 20-6-2022. You were playing on wild horse island, my name was JESSnldeutch.

    And btw i have played most if the games you had here. I do still play equestrian the game and its actually really easy once you understand. I do recommend trying the cold the middle horses who fit the best for you. Just try it. But to reach the olimpics id recommend the middle and trying them out first.

  13. 1:49 "and take care of horses"
    she says while spraying the horse in the eye with water

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