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3 Rules Of Game That Turn Boys Into Men

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3 rules of game they don’t want you to know about. Improving your game is easily one of the easiest ways to increase your value.


  1. Damn much work and game need to be play. No thank

  2. Video and photo slide shows with cool music says:

    These tips are for players and womanizers

  3. Novelty doesn't work if she doesn't even have threshold attraction to you. These unique "hacks" don't work because everyone's been using them for the last five to seven years.

  4. I think getting a higher paying job will be beneficial

  5. Love this channel keep on inspiring me to push harder on my youtube channel 😭

  6. Fook attention! I'm trying to Fook!🤣

  7. Great Content! Fellas, if you want a woman to Chase you – Never give her the Validation that she’s looking for!

    That’s your Power over her – Never hand your Power over to anybody – it’s yours to Keep! The minute you do, it’s basically Over!

    Anyway, that’s my two cents.
    -Carlos Verde – Dating Tips

  8. The smartest thing a man can learn is to never need a woman.

  9. Thanks for the advice love from south africa , i practice a high value lifestyle which in months got me to be the most elusive sigma in my high school my polarity is constantly high and i get a lot of females who wants me thank you for helping me change my life ! 🕴🕴❤

  10. The average normal life:

    – Binge TV
    – Porn daily
    – Toxic food
    – Cable news
    – College debt
    – 9-5 email job
    – Sh*t head boss
    – Consumer debt
    – Rarely exercises
    – Never goes outside
    – Overweight or obese
    – Paycheck to paycheck

    No wonder the average normal man is miserable. Don't be average

  11. I remember when my coworker moved out of state to work in the oil fields and his wife would always approach me talking about how glad she is now he's gone…I stop coming to the door when she came knocking and I never answered her calls for a month and she approached me one night after work and tried to rape me I laughed and she said I'll do anything you want and I trespassed her. Women will give it up when you wreck their emotions.they love attention and shocking drama.

  12. Man I have cme to the point to ask ..how can I get girls in high school

  13. You just tells why they cant but doesnt says how they can

  14. I watched a few of these videos from this channel, but this one is one of the best ones. It's very informative. Treat your attention like it's something that is hard to get from you.

  15. Dis professional virgin I'm kidding we out here

  16. But do these techniques work with narcissistic women lol?

  17. Very interesting as usual. Thank you

  18. No one lives on a planet we don't live on a planet there is no planet Earth it is a terrestrial plane covered by a firmament like Dome above and below

  19. Only simps seek attention and validation from women . Also stop justifying bad female behavior like seeking drama bro

  20. The emotional roller coaster need for women is something that is never talked about!
    Every guy needs to know this fact!

  21. I'm enjoying these videos more than the older ones because of the cringingly relatable real world examples

  22. Ok, but the earth is flat, this stuff is petty grade school material

  23. From a girl who doesn't want drama or games this strategy is for men who can't participate in a healthy honest relationship. You will not foster the trust that the most crazy cool connections need. Be a baller outside the relationship, but honor your woman.

  24. This is ridiculous and try hard. If you constantly have to change and entertain for a girl you are doing it wrong. Let her walk. This is bordeline incel complaining talk in a nice way.

  25. Restricting attention only works for Chads. Numerous anthropology studies show that ladies make the first expression of interest (often subtle). If a man makes the first move without this, it's guaranteed rejection. She must show a sign of interest first. Peace.

  26. But all of this is valid when the girl is actually kind of interested in you

  27. If you think “how do I increase my value”, you’re already in the wrong state of mine.

    The truth to success with women, or anything in life is “don’t give a f” people attack what you want, and try to stop you from getting it. If you truly don’t give a f, the things you want will be drawn to you. Part of that mentality is you cannot fear consequences. That’s what women want in a man, no fear. You can’t be afraid, fear = weakness.

    *btw “no fear” is the same as thing as confidence, it’s the same as the bad boy, or the cool guy. That whole stereo type comes from no fear/ not giving a f! It’s hard to do, but I guarantee it works.

  28. i love it when boys make their bike or car loud, to get the attention of women. it makes me laugh every time they drive by

  29. I never give out my attention freely, never and this restriction is more appealing and attractive.

  30. Work on yourself, on your goals and ambitions, have a sigma mentality and unintentionally women will rain on you

  31. Your attention is as valuable as gold. Would you give your gold away for free? Would you give it away for something less than it's worth? Of course not. Do something nice for a woman but don't give her your attention until she first gives you something. Then follow only on that path with her. Only give her attention when she first gives you something first. Before you know it, you will condition her to seek you out for attention. When she gives you her attention, do exciting and unforgettable things with her or for her. If she invests in your attention, you will become very valuable to her.

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