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3 Rules Of Game That Turn Boys Into Men

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3 rules of game they don’t want you to know about. Improving your game is easily one of the easiest ways to increase your value.


  1. Sounds like manipulation tactics when you talk about the roller coaster thing. If you are into the girl, be into the girl… If you are mad at her, be mad at her. Life will naturally take you both on an emotional rollercoaster. But I do love what you said about having your own purpose and goals and things like that.

  2. I'm 27, virgin, never had girlfriend. If you think I'm not qualified to talk, ignore this:
    I'm not gay or asexual, just everytime I care about a girl I (still) give too much attention without being honest and get "friendzoned". I was a shut-in geek, but decided to work on myself to become the person I want to be. So I shifted my attention to my projects I want to complete, my family, my friends and then if a woman can give me something I actually need, I try to care about her in my free time.
    Am I lonely? Only when I lose focus of my goals.
    (A girl just looked for me because she likes what I'm doing. So I go to have fun while testing my skills. See? This happens if you live for things you like.)

  3. That is called manipulation. Do that to a borderline and they will burn your house down..

  4. Compromising your character and changing it (playing game, rollercoaster shit, taking Kardashians as roll model, PUA crap, etc) just for the sake of … is the lowest a man can go. Go your own way gentlemen and you'll never have to "play game".

  5. Okay. I see. They like drama. Can I invite her to watch Days of Our Lives? Joking aside, how do you create this drama you speak of?

  6. How to get girl in emotional roller explain please.

  7. I'm a terrible boyfriend sometimes makes her happy but don't give her my attention everytime:)

  8. You’re really on to something there! Good job stay on the right track!

  9. did you know water is more valuable than gold. gold is just actually very useless. but we humans so what did you expect.

  10. If you want a healthy and mature relationship, don’t watch these videos and stay away from those immature instagram drama princesses….

  11. Ok I need a little bit of mind game, maybe mentally stimulating her and don’t treat her like a princess

  12. The biggest problem we have today are those simple manginers dressing in pink pink mask flip flops and walking behind women they're in the passenger seat I mean it's pathetic and ridiculous with these guys for Christ's sake

  13. Women who create drama turn me off. I have better things to do with my life than tolerate that rubbish

  14. A guy must look at women from an abundance mindset. That means a girl is an abundant resource not a scarce one. If you make that woman feel she is a pearl or diamond guess what will happen, she will loose interest in you. Why??? Because women are hard wired by our creator to chase. When men buy women gifts and all the other items, she feels the guy is investing in her as an item. They value their money and that is why she becomes valuable. Not by looking at her as a person. A strong man will look at her character and that will make him decide what level of investment he will put in.

  15. The last point explains why my girl argues with me a lot aha

  16. 8:50 your image of a bad boy is cringe.. face tatts, lipstick, bandana, sculpted moustache 🤦‍♂️
    I'd call this type a wannabe..

  17. A lot of this videos will set a lot of people up for misery(notice he mentions “GAME” a lot)! If you are up to games and numbers and you have ego issues, then yes go with this. But if you want a husband or wife for long term, (speak to someone who’s married happily for 40years + not this jokers on here with little to no experience), put your egos aside seek what you can give in a relationship and be genuine intentionally, the rest will follow organically. Word enough for the wise!

  18. Doesn't make sense. If you restrict your attention, the woman will just get the attention from OTHER men who WILL give them attention

  19. I just said to my wife.. you know its over…right.

  20. Now a bunch of dudes are gonna go home and ignore their wives

  21. Women feed off of a naturally destructive feedback loop. This is why as a guy you shouldn't concern yourself too much with how a woman feels about you because it won't make sense anyways. Build upon yourself, learn new skills, be curious about the world and you will naturally gravitate to a higher innate energy. Then you'll have more options to choose from (which in turn makes more women naturally attracted to you) and maybe if you're lucky you can settle down with a woman who's never heard of a Kardashian.

  22. Hello. Here’s a sound perspective from a woman. One. My perspective in this space doesn’t matter. In fact, it would be foolish for me to even feel any type of way when there’s a discussion about how the man’s brain works, how a man moves, or even how a man makes his decisions. Two. I put myself in these spaces, never replying, never commenting, probably talking shit behind my phone but still taking in what is said bc at the end of the day, it’s said. It’s believed. And it is done. “It’s how the game goes” , right? Three. Unbeknownst to you all, I had to say the first two points, clearly, to literally disarm all the men’s ego seeing a woman even ATTEMPT to have an opinion here. And most importantly for you guys to even give what I have to say a chance. Four. I told you guys this because videos like this, as insightful it may seem, how much “game” it may have, how valid it may seem. (This video is very valid by the way, I agree) BUT..BUT it’s not women you’re in a game with. You’re in a game, against yourselves, that all of you created. And that platforms like this, continue to feed into. You’re playing yourselves. Your egos are playing you. What you value is playing you. And guess what fellas. Women. Can. Play. Without. Even. Truly. Playing. Innately, you want to dominate yes? Whether it’s the career, the money, the status, the sport, the woman, etc. These are the cards that you’re showing in videos like this. Your desires. Let the RIGHT woman, forget the wrong woman, let the RIGHT woman get ahold of what you desire most, and if that woman never truly loved you, it’s a wrap. That’s a dangerous woman, I’d say stay away from her but guess what fellas? You will look up and realize it’s too late bc videos like this will have you walk right into her lair. A twisted siren. And you lose before you even started.

    I say this all to say and remind you how twisted the world is and videos like this won’t save you. They won’t save your pockets, your heartache, the void you have, the shortcomings you have. The insecurities you have. Because you’re playing into a game…a shitty game btw….that will lead youuuu…well towards your own demise. You will destroy yourself. Loosen your reins. Loosen the need for control to feel safe. Bc videos like this will cause you to abandon yourself in ways you don’t even realize. Right in your face. Right in the mirror.

    My question to you all and the people who created this video: Why is the topic never truly about yourselves? Why is it how to dominate something outside yourself? How to get something outside yourself? Do you feel that useless to yourself on the inside that you say “if I had this this and this. I’m in there! I got it! ???Why never mastering yourself? Mastering your mind. Mastering your flesh. Mastering your spirit. Is it hard? Does it feel hard? I need to know, serious question. let me know. Be honest. Is it because that shit don’t matter, right? That’s what the world reflected back to you, huh? That’s the world we live in right? Do we all collectively have to accept that? Or are we all truly trying to just survive this sick, lost, Money is my God, ego driven world because there isn’t enough of us that want to make, create, and solidify a new game. One where we can live not survive. Not have game plans. Not manipulate. Not okay mind games. Not wasting our time on stupid shit. One that won’t leave always looking outside of ourselves to feel validated (both men and woman) that won’t have us over your shoulder, not trusting anyone, backstabbing, DISTRACTED from the real war outside. Real question, do you guys really want unity? That can’t be what you guys want. Nah. Is it because when we do unite there’s a power struggle? Or an illusion of a power struggle I should say. Is it because we still have asinine mf’ers out here that are seeking equality regarding things that shouldn’t be up for comparison in the first place? Men can’t live without woman, woman can’t live without men. Period. If I break that down I will be writing a longer book than I already am. So to wrap it up:

    Why is the discussion never about your PURPOSE. I’d like to see more videos for men that talk about unlocking THAT power. Bc at the end of the day. No one wants a useless anyone. Don’t be useless to yourself. Don’t be useless to your purpose. Don’t be distracted from even learning and understanding what that is in this life time.

    But if you don’t care for that and that’s your truth, fuck it! I was typing to much anyway 😂

  23. They want Drama from Alabama…and more so if your name is Obama.

  24. I get my wife pissed at least once a month… so… I suppose I got it XD

  25. Dude for me it just answered a hoe lot questions… 👍 🤣

  26. Don't get confused…women love their own drama, but they despise guy drama.

  27. You can do anything to a woman except bore her – Andrew Tate

  28. It boils down to this – every single human interaction is a transaction, the commodity is value be it time, love, energy. Know what’s being sought and capitalize on it. This plays nicely into the next point which is all and I mean all interactions are a form of control and persuasion (even mild manipulation) the key is not to abuse it cross it. All of what I said goes for men and women alike. You can say and do many things to a woman but just don’t bore her! To men this seems ridiculous the key is to set the scene maintain frame and don’t get sucked into the drama yourself. Now all of this is great early on in a relationship but doesn’t work so well long term or at all on women over 35.

  29. The roller coaster is like push and pull, pull and push

  30. Look I don't like to help 😒 but is like this get busy !! And stop looking for girl and get something bigger 🙄 😒

  31. The dude with the sword looks like Billy Butcher

  32. She's not yours it's just your turn

  33. That’s so true females need drama 🤣🤣🤣

  34. Believe or not, this guy is right. Attention is like a drug to them, when you give them free attention, you lose. Reward them with attention for good behavior, not money and withdraw your attention a bit to keep them hooked. Unfortunately women don't like a guy who is all about them, they want one they feel they can never really possess.

  35. Just remember guys that these tips are for hook up culture, yes a certain amount of game will probably improve your relationship, but mostly you need to be authentic. It's better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for something that you're not, keep that in mind.

  36. Ignoring women works every single time
    I can confirm that

  37. All a load of cr@p. You just need to be yourself in life.

  38. Is that guy taking a samurai sword on a date?

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