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2024 McDonald’s All American Boys Game | Full Game | April 2, 2024

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Derik Queen outshined high school teammate Cooper Flagg, the nation’s top-ranked recruit, leading the East team to an 88-86 victory over the West on Tuesday night in the McDonald’s All-American game.

Queen, a bruising 6-foot-9 center and teammate of Flagg’s at Montverde Academy in Florida who is committed to Maryland, had 23 points and eight rebounds for the East. He was chosen the game’s co-MVP, along with Dylan Harper of the West team.

“It’s definitely a blessing to come out here and be around some great guys, some talented guys,” Queen said. “Now, hopefully, me and Dylan will become one of those legends that they’ll remember.”

Harper, a 6-6 guard from Don Bosco Prep in New Jersey and the No. 3 recruit in the 2024 class, according to the ESPN100 rankings, led first-half scorers with 14 points and finished with 22 points, six rebounds and five assists.

“This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to come out here and compete with the 24 best players in the whole country,” Harper said. “We were showing who were really are in the matchups, and it was the best.”

Flagg, the 2024 Gatorade Player of the Year who will play at Duke next year, thrilled the crowd in the second quarter with a step-back 3-pointer. A few plays later on the defensive end, Flagg swatted a layup 25 feet the other way into the first row. The 6-9 forward is from Newport, Maine, but played his last three years of high school basketball at Montverde Academy. He finished with eight points, six rebounds and three assists.

No. 2 recruit Ace Bailey and Harper will play together for Rutgers next season and played on the same West team on Tuesday night. Bailey, a 6-10 forward from McEachern High School in Georgia, had six points and five rebounds.

Boogie Fland, a 6-3 point guard signed with Kentucky, had 17 points for the East team and also won the game’s sportsmanship and leadership award.

“I feel like what separates us, yeah, we’re the best 24, but we have to be able to adjust to who we’re playing with,” Fland said. “We know when to take over and we know when to share the ball. We came out here, and we were playing within ourselves and playing within our team. I feel like that’s what stood out the most about us.”

Tre Johnson, a 6-6 shooting guard from Dallas who will play at Texas next season, hit a few big 3-pointers, including one that tied the game at 86 with a minute remaining. He tried one more at the buzzer for the win but missed, finishing with 17 points for the West.

Ian Jackson, a 6-4 small forward signed to North Carolina, had 21 points for the East team.

Jalil Bethea, a 6-5 guard committed to Miami, won the dunk contest on Monday night. He had three points on Tuesday.


  1. Flagg is not the best player in this class. Very passive and not a good shooter (judging from his overall film, not just this game). Being called #1 for so long, he has gotten lazy and has some serious holes in his game, IMHO.

  2. Cooper did not stand out. He also didn't really touch the mall much. His future in the NBA will be as a point forward, playing with the ball in his hands and facilitating an offensive with his passing and driving abilities (like he did on his summer league team). He may or may not reach superstardom. His outside shooting and his handle need to improve for that to happen. He was also the youngest person in the game last night. He has plenty of time to improve.

  3. Basketball is an international sport, and players such as the 7-1 player going to Duke next year, is among players from all over the world who didn't play for an American high school. We'll see about these guys. 😀 If you were a college assistant who spent a fortune and years scouting the best players in the world for your university, would you gladly tell the McDonald's committee who the best players were that you saw? Yeah, right!

  4. Tre & Fland & Ian all really stood out to me the most, u kinda know what ur getting with the top 3-4 guys but I guess what surprised me most is Ian’s activity was impressive , I knew Fland was very quick off the dribble but his shot has got much better and Tres shot is next level hes probably one of the better spot up shooters I’ve saw at this level , I was impressed bye Ace&Harper also Rutgers is gonna be fun this year but they both have been like that , and as stated in a few other comments Quintenence is unbelievable for his age he’s gonna be really good , Queen has really soft hands for a big and uses his body really well to his advantage and not to take a shot at him but I guess what surprised me most was how ordinary Cooper looks beside other 5*s , he’s very athletic but everything else looks average at best .

  5. Repent and receive Jesus Christ as your lord and savior and receive salvation

  6. Not picking any sides but West was getting away with some outrageous fouls

  7. Coop is sooo much bettwr on the defensive end then he is on offense

  8. Iann Jackson crossed tf out of Bailey . No push off . He should have dunked it instead of mid range after the pump fake tho for highlight reel

  9. Both Rutgers commits looked good imo. Thought Jackson, Queen, and Fland all looked solid as well. No one truly exceptional, but a lot of solid players.



  12. Last years game Dj wagoner and Isaiah collier mvps and I've never heard of them in the ncaa. You just never know who will rise up.

  13. Why dont they put the jersey on there supposed to play for?

  14. Harper and jackson best guards out there. Fland gotta play more under control. Flagg looked average, bethea is q volume shooter. Queen is the best montverde player, bailey is one and done… Johnson is legit scorer

  15. shoulda kept tre n dylan in more good game tho

  16. yaaawn. well they know how to dribble around, carry and travel.

  17. IDK man Cooper looks hella overrated when he plays guys of his size and similar stature

  18. Whites invented basketball and they stole it from us.

  19. Man I thought coop was alright but they seem to be just saying anything good about him without him doing nothing ..

  20. More entertaining than the nba allstar game. Seem like these young men were actually competing.

  21. Ian Jackson and Drake Powell are gonna be tough at UNC.

  22. Fundamentals lacking bigtime , everybody is just athleticism and nothing else. American bball is getting boring😪

  23. flagg team dont care bout the game they play for their selves selfishly

  24. dude that's crazy , there's no one bellow 200 cm (6'7) , there all above

  25. 3 point contest…..can’t watch after the first quarter

  26. Yo are we not gonna talk abt how the reporter said he can stroke it 12:40

  27. i love how they glaze them for a min and glaze another person😂

  28. Wtf bro the first 35 seconds of the game and these kids already look like they are in the NBA LOL. WTF is going on here. Is this how far basketball has advanced now? Jeez. Number 11 has a massive IQ for that first play. Dude is going places no matter what he does in life.

  29. This game was better than some nba games fr lol

  30. These new generation is built different mentally none of them want to lose

  31. damn this is better and more entertaining than the NBA Allstar game. different level of competitive

  32. I would take mr. Flagg as nr. 1 and mr Harper as nr. 2. All the others are not worth mentioning. It is sad to see, when Cooper is open, the passes won't come.

  33. That's why you will wait to.get another mvp. That game is a non sense, just an advertising , that s at best a pickup game. For 10 years now nba basketball is not about 1on1. Sad

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