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2023 McDonald’s All-American Boys Game | Full Game Highlights

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Check out these highlights from the 2023 McDonald’s All-American Boys Game. The East defeats the West, despite Bronny James’ 15 PTS and Isaiah Collier’s 25 PTS. The East were lead to victory by the first 3rd generation All-American, DJ Wagner, who iced the game with 2 clutch free throws.

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  1. All the talent that was on the court and yall keep talking about bronny james

    Man come on

  2. If you’re not a parent or a scout. Why are you watching children play basketball?

  3. How about you guys talk about bronny since he’s the only one that played the game.

  4. Bronny reminds me of Derrick Rose! It's going to be great when he signs with the NBA!

  5. They should all have to eat McDonald’s food before the game. I want to see some projectile vomiting to make it interesting.

  6. Wags is a different breed🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. Man oh man…Collier you have so much to learn. You choked on the biggest point in your career. You just found out basketball isn’t just flashy one on one selfish ball. You supposed to be the #1 player in the country. Take notes from Bronny and the real #1 guy, Wagner. Some kids are built for the moment, Bronny will always be a clutch player cuz he has had all the eyes on him since day one, it’s normal for him. Wagner is 3rd gen basketball, all eyes on him also( that’s why he didn’t choke), Collier hasn’t been in that type of environment. It obviously hot to him. ( he’ll be ok tho, great talent)…
    But can somebody tell me why that damn coach didn’t call a timeout and run a play for Bronny to take the last shot???? Def should’ve had McCain bring it down and run Bronny off some kind of pick for the last shot…Good game tho

  8. When the East in the house oh my god, 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🏀💪🏽💯

  9. Go Xavier 👏👏👏👏👏Proud of you

  10. That missed call on the goal tending by the East, ruined the outcome of this game.

  11. Bronny if you don’t take that last shot good game though

  12. Bronny is a much better shooter then his dad is lol

  13. Whats underrated, is this was a really well played game, for a bunch of 17 year olds who just met. Next CBB szn gonna be 🔥

  14. Bronny showed he’s not a dog!!! He’s shooting 62.5% from the 3 point line and he lets one defender make him give up the ball to a player who is farther from the basket than he is. The guy isn’t going to try blocking his shot for fear of fouling. So, all he had to do go right, cross over and take the shot.

  15. "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

  16. I'm all but certain Bronny gives Bron constant Ls in shooting drills or around the world 😩😂💦

  17. Bronny definitely getting a ring with his dad and roty

  18. You can see the immaturity of a lot of them compare to Bronny. The one guy missing clutch Fts and then the other shooting a stupid far three. Last shot was supposed to be set for Bronny who was clearly on fire from deep

  19. Stojakovic got that same silky shot as dad love to see it

  20. Now this is an all star game.. soft ass nba players

  21. Bronny passed up on taking the big shot for you to shoot that shot😭💀

  22. The west should’ve won that bad calling by the refs

  23. Is that a white kid out there!!!? I'm boycotting.

  24. I don’t like who took the last shot honestly it should’ve either been bronny or #15

  25. Damn I wish Bronny would throw the last pitch but he proved a lot of his haters wrong and he definitely deserves to be there keep it up young guy

  26. How you missed both free throws ? You folded

  27. Brony what they hell you passed the ball bro you was supposed to end that bro be different then your father that's what he use to early in his career bro finish the game bro don't pass it you that guy king 💯

  28. 4 is not Clutch in this game. 21 Come play better in the 4th.

  29. The Yung basketball gods were on 🔥🔥🔥

  30. Mikey would of ate up n this game stay hating on the kid

  31. Anybody know why Collier is on the West team when he is from Georgia and played in GA?

  32. Why Is the whole comment section glazing bronny there was like 19 other players and the bots going mf crazy.

  33. judging a player who ve been puttin so much effort for game by his dad, positivly or negativly its just dumb.

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