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2021-2022 – Kentucky vs Florida (Game 31)

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Kentucky vs Florida

Air date 3/5/2022. Commercials removed.

UK won 71-63

O. Tshiebwe – 27pts, 15reb, 3stl, 2blk
T. Washington – 6pts, 5ast, 4reb
K. Brooks – 2pts, 2reb
S. Wheeler – 13pts, 4ast
K. Grady – 11pts, 3ast
D. Mintz – 10pts, 3reb
J. Toppin – 2pts, 7reb


  1. Toppin needs to braid his hair back up he played better

  2. HEY Just Wanted You To Know How Much I Truly Appreciate!! You Having The UK Games!! .. I Don't Have TV Service Dish Or Anything Just Net So Thank GOD!! & YOU!! .. Means a Lot. Used To Be a Really Big Deal When Son Was Little & Into Early Late 20s I Hardly Ever Get To See Him Now Live Alone But GODS GOT US!! .. TAKE CARE & GOD BLESS YOU & YOURS RICHLY!! .. 😊

  3. I Am Happy We Beat Florida Now Lets Win Sec Tournament Go Big Blue #BBN

  4. CBS needs to get their history straight with Kentucky basketball!!! Then they start ranting on and on about Duke and coach kock. They should be fired for their negligence to facts!!! Didnt Calipari just get his 800th win in overtime in January not including the wins the NCAA has stripped from him!!!

  5. Can you upload the Kentucky women winning the sec championship

  6. Is it possible to post the UK women’s win over South Carolina on here? Thank you so much for all you do!

  7. Am I the only one who’s noticed that Castleton is kind of a douche? He’s full of emotion I get that..but trash talking your teammates when they mess up is the opposite of class. Sure he’s a great player but he makes his team worse with that trash attitude.

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