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20 Best Games for Drifting in 2024!

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Tier list of games for drifting in 2024, keeping in mind the car physics, content and steering wheel support. This is the longest games tier list I’ve done so you’ll def find a game that interests you from this list.

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  1. I will be playing only 3 to 5 games this year

  2. Goose, please make a drift video in Gran Turismo 7 once you get a chance!

  3. Clearly you do not know how to drift in real life?

  4. I think you should play the roblox game midnight racing tokyo by far one if not the best driving game

  5. Happy New Year my Big Brother Goose!!
    It was such a beautiful yet sad year, but one thing is for certain, as long as I'm sideways I'm happy, besides that, I wish that we hit 2 million this wonderful year.

  6. CarX is a game created by developers from a terrorist country (Russia). By playing this game you support the Russian regime, as well as money for the game and in-app purchases. But this money in the form of taxes goes to budget distribution and also to war and genocide of Ukrainians.

    The Google Play application states that the address where the developers' office is located is:

    Godovikova St. 9, building 17, room 4, Moscow, 129085, Russia

  7. Moterfest should be in the b section atleast

  8. touge shakai, rly arcady????? tf u mean arcady. its alot more realistic than carx thats for sure

  9. could you stop shitting on torque drift? i swear to god its not that bad! really lovely game if you do not use a steering wheel, the wheel support is the only problem. AND IF YOU THINK THERES A LOT OF MONETIZATION GO PLAY ROTMG BROπŸ˜‚

  10. Guys I drifted in assetto corsa an recently bought Carx and I mess up big is there any setting I have to do?

  11. beamng drive is the best game of all because of the physics, ability to crash or customize cars and mod the game do whatever you want i open world maps. You can even bring planes, boats, bikes… in the game and they'll work because of the great physics. It's also good in offroading and very satisfying with the suspentions, tire deformations and obviously the car deformation.Only problem is that you need a very good pc to play it but its the best car game

  12. Goosiest did you tried the Drift Tune in gta v online?

  13. Does anyone have any good PlayStation Drifting games

  14. Plz tutorial for Keyboard Drifting In Ac

  15. Im player the motorsport8, and i said GT7 is better. XD
    Saludos desde argentina!

  16. hey goosiest just got curious since you mentioned some are non sponsor but was carx sponsored? i tried it and didnt like it that much honestly

  17. I think fh5 is better than car x drift

  18. alright lets some 2024 VIBES yeah

  19. I used to drift more in RFactor than Live for Speed back in the day. They had some decent mods. Until Assetto Corsa released. But now I feel too old and have no time. I really do enjoy your content tho. Makes me feel like getting back into it. Keep doing what you do. You’re pretty entertaining and hilarious.

  20. I was having so much issue in car x on steering wheel I almost gave up and then I found you and got the flash with your tune and I’m actually good πŸ˜‚

  21. Good: I was wondering if you would like to do a Run or lose challenge in Live For Speed? If you do, we will continue the conversation via E-Mail, ok?

  22. Carxstreet is on ios and android already πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  23. Drifting in BeamNG without any assist is (atleast for me) realy easy

    Need for speed was never about realistic physics? What about Need for speed Prostreet? thats kinda realistic i mean its for the PS2 and later came for PS3 and it felt realy ralistic for its time i would say (maybe its my nostalgia but it cant be that bad)

    Tourqe drift feels like its a Mobile game because it is, it was just convertet to PC

  24. Great video, And also the reason you ghost through players in roblox is because everyone has a delay. If they are far from you on your screen, you can turn infront of them but they will get spun out, as on their screen they are right next to you.

  25. Yo, review Drift Paradise please
    (Not this roblox game, but MTA server)

  26. You put Overdrift Festival in C-Tier below Forza????? Overdrift Festival is easily the #2 best drift game out right now, behind Assetto Corsa. I also think Drift21 should be ranked a bit higher. The physics aren't that bad. BUT thank you for putting Torque Drift in F-Tier where they belong.

  27. Would have loved to see RDS on the tier list as well

  28. why did you lie about japanese drift master? lol there is NO full game, only the demo. I know youre a big creator, but stop misleading people. "also a demo mode you can try", no theres ONLY a demo mode, and its so unoptimized that a decent pc runs it at 24 fps. Be real

  29. Gta on console got a drift update, you should check it out

  30. recomendation video for people want finding simulator drift games '-')b

  31. Carxdriftracing is the best ever just want more maps

  32. Hey goosei i think will agree with you in almost every car game with all of the aspect each game include that you ranked each one differently.I can also tell you that nfs most wanted 2012 may be arcade but it have something like all the physics if this game are absolutely great and realistic in a manner i would say.I forgot to say happy new year bro haha!

  33. assetto corsa casually being the best for everythingπŸ‘½

  34. Hey i have carx and i play it on steering wheel. And i can drift very good now. Will i be able to drift well in real life if i get my license or its completely different?

  35. Goosiest im so sad I was subscribed to you then my channel got taken down, I was top loved on your channel 😒😒😒. W video

  36. Unbound did not have the function to turn the effects off at launch? That shocks me honestly. Only reason I actually bought it on launch (game didn't even open though so I had to refund. Steam version)

  37. You left out Lego 24 it has super great arcade drifting

  38. I don't mean to be toxic but why include "bad games" in the "best games" tier? Could have straight up call the video "20 Games for Drifting in 2024" lmao

  39. Question of the day: If you could only recommend 1 car game to your friend, which game would it be?

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