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100 best games to play with friends (100 great co-op /multiplayer games in 2024)

Rocket Sloth
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Here are over 100 games to play with your friends that you can play co-op or online together.

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Introduction 0:00
Upcoming Co-op Games in 2024 0:51
Narrative Co-op Games 3:04
Horror Co-op Games 19:48
Battle Royale Games 24:32
Extraction Shooters 30:03
Multiplayer Games 33:24
Survival Games 40:51
That Pirate Game 43:06
Party Games 44:39
Games that didn’t make the cut (kinda) 50:16
MMO Games 57:56
GeoGuessr or something 01:03:45


  1. Im disappointed that there is no couch coop/split screen chapter in the video. Playing splitscreen with a buddy is tons more fun than playing online

  2. League is just way to daunting to get into these days . I started playing in season 5 and still learn things every time I play.

  3. this is exactly what im looking for right now. wow

  4. What a great way to start the year off by listing games to enjoy with friends. Just what I needed. Thank you for your work

  5. The Risk of Rain series deserves more love. They really are the best rouge lites

  6. palworld is so crazy… can't believe it's real 😊

  7. Did you guys know that this channel was mentioned in a I love bees video on a channel called Red Web.

  8. So there's a thing about FF14 that there literal players that do nothing but stand around the major cities. They're there 24/7 just doing one pose.

  9. Definitely check out the 'tide games, Warhammer Vermintide, Vermintide 2 and Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. Also Remnant: From the Ashes and Remnant 2.

  10. Awesome! Now just to get some friends…

  11. Really been liking the content recently. Love the long format even though im sure its so much more work on your end. Hearing yall chat is always a nice touch, hope the content continues to include it

  12. Nice! I'm constantly looking for couch coop with my 5 year old son. Fortunately he likes to drive the warthog!

  13. “You can’t hate fallguys!”
    I hate fallguys. Because 90% of the challenges are just uninspired races. Party animals actually has games show challenges.

  14. Theres not enough local splitscreen coop anymore but ty ty for the suggestions to try~

  15. Any splitscreen games? Couch coop feels so much better tgan online. Get your friends over and and open a couple beers

  16. Sadly I have no gaming friends. But I enjoy your videos all the same.

  17. I’m shocked y’all didn’t mention As Dusk Falls. It’s an 8 player co-op narrative that’s on gamepass with branching paths. It’s really accessible even to non gamers as you can use a phone or tablet to play. It’s really fun with a great story once you get use to the art style

  18. I’m glad you mentioned Headbangers Rhythm Royale. It launched into gamepass with broken multiplayer but has been fixed. Up to 30 friends can play together. Games take a couple tries to understand but it’s really fun IMO

  19. Imma just say, if you want a really fleshed out and complete survival game. Grounded is really solid it has an ok story but the crafting and combat is super addictive. Super recommend.

  20. Y-You mean your channel name isn't inspired by Rocket… League…

  21. Type of video you watch at 3am with ur friend on discord trying to find something to play that yall are not going to finish

  22. Me and the gang spent so long messing with fall guys to play and eventually get the platinum trophy on playstation

  23. Where is Lost Planet 2? One of the best co-op shooters of the 360 era!

  24. OW2 multiplayer is garbage, let's try Team Fortress 2!!!!!!!

  25. Halo infinite recently got firefight mode. It's a blast.

  26. Pubg more arcade like than warzone? I dont see it tbh

  27. I’ve got all the cod black ops zombies Easter eggs done but not the other games with zombies and I didn’t touch exo zombies, great list keep doing the great work

  28. VRChat can be played without VR as well not just rec room. I am still surprised how many people don't know this knowledge. Hope this helps someone.

  29. cant buy lethal company in my country T-T too expensive

  30. Saying gang beasts is better than party animals is insane imma be honest.

  31. A game I've had a ton of fun with buddies on Game Pass is Hell Let Loose

  32. Ya guys should try Gatekeeper Infinity…. idk… Really good list btw

  33. Thank you for this list. There's no better thing than sharing the world of videogames with your special one

  34. If you hate Hunt, you aren't playing it correctly.

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