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10 New Games March (2 FREE GAMES)

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March is here! It’s awesome! vidya gaems!

0:00 – Intro
0:24 – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – March 25th – First Person Shooter/RPG – PS4, PS5, Xbox one, Xbox Series, PC
01:29 – WWE 2K22 – March 11th – Professional Wrestling Sim/Arcade – PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X/S, PC
02:29 – Ghostwire Tokyo – March 25th – First Person Action Adventure – PS5 and PC
03:13 – GTA 5 – March 15th – Open World Crime Action – Next Gen Version PS5 and Xbox Series X/S
04:01 – FREE GAME GTA Online – March 15th – Online Crime Action – PS5 version free for 3 months
04:43 – FREE GAME Bunny Raiders – OUT NOW – Twin Stick Shooter – PS5
05:58 – FREE GAME DELAYED – Rumbleverse – Melee Battle Royale – PS, Xbox, Switch PC
06:21 – Babylon’s Fall – March 3rd – Hack and Slash Co-op – PS4, PS5, PC
06:58 – Gran Turismo 7 – March 4th – Simulation Racer – PS4, PS5
07:58 – Shadow Warrior 3 – March 1st – First Person Shooter – PS4, Xbox one, PC.



  1. Babylons fall comes out a day after my birthday, may check that one out!


  3. I hope fnaf sb comes on to ps plus 😭😭

  4. The game I would play for the rest of my life is call of duty I know that their new games atm ain't that good but I'm a huge zombies fan (except vanguard zombies we don't want to talk about that) but the reason I love playing zombies is cos the story lines r great (except vanguard and cold war didn't have any life to it) the movement was great especially with the new zombies(except vanguard) and they were challenging to get to high rounds(except vanguard and cold war but cold war was an OK zombies game mode) before cold war I loved the voice actors as well they brought all the zombies characters to life

  5. I wloud chides Gta5 because it has fun cars roleplaying mods

  6. Is so funny when I spent a lot money for ps plus and they give boring game for free 😑🤦🏼‍♀️

  7. I'm surprised that these games are free for march ps plus

  8. I stopped the video. Couldn't listen to the annoying background music anymore

  9. I am thinking about starting to post similar content to yours in like short forms do you recommend ?

  10. So we're just gonna completely ignore the ps4 huh?

  11. The game that i would play for the rest of my life would be warframe, spent around 2k hours and nearly 2k cash

  12. 1 game for life .. GTA Online only because it has a little bit of everything: open world, car or plane or boat racing and customization, deathmatches on foot or cars or in the air, platformer (parkour), roleplaying,business sim. It is the jack of all trades and the master of none. They just need VR for console

  13. How the f am I supposed to find a ps5. I've been looking for months.

  14. Well that's unfair I downloaded it 6 months ago gta

  15. Red Dead Redemption 2, would be the game that I could play for the rest of my life.

  16. Will xbox s/x be able to play with Xbox one players for the enhanced edition for gta?

  17. If I play on gta online ps5 can I play with my friends on ps4????

  18. Wait so if I transfer my character from ps4 to ps5 it Gets deleted from from the ps4? I can’t play with my character on ps4 anymore?

  19. Id keep playing fallout 76 cus its just so awesome of a world. I needs more story content but my love of fallout keeps me happy

  20. I feel like the comments are filled with people saying how Tiny Tina's Wonderlands are already on PS plus here on February

  21. من بعد اذن صاحب القناة…
    شباب قناتي على اليوتيوب لالعاب الهاتف واخر اخبار الالعاب
    ادعموني بلايك واشتراك بالقناة ربي يحفظكم 🥰

  22. is gta5 only free for ps5 not on ps4?

  23. GTAO cuz if they just put out a update every 3-6 months then there will always be something new to it

  24. Hey gta online will be free for ps 4 please tell I want to play online.

  25. Most of the video: new games that look promising and look like a lot of fun!

    gta: …………new graphics?

  26. To answer your question, i would probably play dawn of war:dark crusade because of its infinite fun and strategy

  27. I pre-ordered Tiny Tina's Wonderland: Great chaotic edition, and did my verification back during last year.

  28. So will get story mode be 60$? Cuz I’m trying to get that platinum on next get and it would really suck to buy the game for a third time

  29. for a guy when he was nine and got gta 5 and got taken away cus of that mission when you plant a bomb in some guys phone , i just got a ps5 and im hyped to play gta online

  30. bro reallu used fortnite and gta on a new games video 💀

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