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10 New Games March (2 FREE GAMES)

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March is here! It’s awesome! vidya gaems!

0:00 – Intro
0:24 – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – March 25th – First Person Shooter/RPG – PS4, PS5, Xbox one, Xbox Series, PC
01:29 – WWE 2K22 – March 11th – Professional Wrestling Sim/Arcade – PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X/S, PC
02:29 – Ghostwire Tokyo – March 25th – First Person Action Adventure – PS5 and PC
03:13 – GTA 5 – March 15th – Open World Crime Action – Next Gen Version PS5 and Xbox Series X/S
04:01 – FREE GAME GTA Online – March 15th – Online Crime Action – PS5 version free for 3 months
04:43 – FREE GAME Bunny Raiders – OUT NOW – Twin Stick Shooter – PS5
05:58 – FREE GAME DELAYED – Rumbleverse – Melee Battle Royale – PS, Xbox, Switch PC
06:21 – Babylon’s Fall – March 3rd – Hack and Slash Co-op – PS4, PS5, PC
06:58 – Gran Turismo 7 – March 4th – Simulation Racer – PS4, PS5
07:58 – Shadow Warrior 3 – March 1st – First Person Shooter – PS4, Xbox one, PC.



  1. Dude, you literally added GTA5 and GTA Online in this list, despite the fact that the title for this video is titled "10 New Games March." Those to games are not new. I don't want better graphics for a game I've already played, I want a game that I've never played.

  2. Wait is the new stand-alone version of GTA Online going to be the Expanded and Enhanced version of online or just the regular version we've had for 8 years?

  3. Does anyone know if Ghostwire will be on PS4 or will it be PS5 and PC only?

  4. Rd2 because it’s endless for the things u can do and it’s got the best story

  5. Let's just hope Rumble verse doesn't delay their game in March, just like how they delayed it on February 15.

  6. I would play Minecraft for the rest of my life because if you think about you would never get bored just so long as you don't run out of imagination

  7. Wtf bro u said free games in the title but they are all bought

  8. So they're really gonna have GTA 5 span 3 generations? All thats left is kids blowing each other up with flying bikes and cars and swearing at each other until they quit. Let that shit die.

  9. Can I play GTA Online free forever on PS4 someone explain

  10. I don't even mind rumbleverse has delayed. We dong want another rushed disaster. They're obviously are making sure it's gonna be what they have promised it to be

  11. You say new games in the title yet you include gta in your thumbnail…. it may be expanded and enhanced but shit same game so it’s old lol

  12. ANTHEM! because then maybe they might bring it back and upgrade it, I loved Anthem

  13. Anyone still playing deep rock? That game is awesome man

  14. Dude so your saying I’ve payed a full $50 to get gta just for it to come out for free and of course ps4 gets all the cool games because Xbox don’t matter

  15. Just give gta6 already we don't need gta5 updates.

  16. sad that gran turismo is for ps4 and 5 only, no pc


  18. Gta getting rereleased instead of gta 6 is crazy

  19. I’m gonna have to buy an ssd for my PS5. My internal and 1TB external drive are both filled completely

  20. GTA V comes to PS5 on my Birthday what are the odds… problem is that I don't have a PS5 and that means that there's no more monthly mill

  21. I guess stranger of paradise doesn't come out in march then, and/or is not as big as other titles to be showcased here like Bunny Raiders or WWE 2K22.

  22. It would have to be an online game that I would play for the rest of my life but idk which one cuz there are so many to choose from

  23. i got so mad when he said gta 5 was free on ps5 on march cuz i just bought it like 2 weeks ago 🙁

  24. now, if only the added free GTA 5 online to Xbox One

  25. Gta 5 again? Less goooo!!!

    5 years later

    Gta 5 again? Less gooo!!

  26. You really said, 'let me put an ad before each game announcement.' You make awesome content. Ads are annoying.

  27. YAY i have ps5 and i will have free gta online!

  28. rumbleverse looks intersting maybe fun for few days

  29. I do hope WWE 2K22 fails hard. Also, I'm curious as to how many people are gonna buy GTA V on current gen consoles if they own it on previous generation consoles. No idea why anyone would. Only game coming out that I care about that's out in March is GT7.

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