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10 Most Shocking Easter Eggs & Discoveries in Kids Games – Part III

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Sometimes you find that the most shocking easter eggs and discoveries were hidden in the most inappropriate games…this is why we’re diving into the 10 Most Shock Easter Eggs in Kids Games, Part III.

I want to give a huge thank you to my friend Slippy Slides, an awesome hacker and YouTuber who helped capture some of these easter eggs! Subscribe to his channel here:





Games Featured -SPOILERS-
JumpStart Baby
Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures
Super Paper Mario: The Origami King
Mary-Kate and Ashley: Winner’s Circle
Talking Angela
Little Big Planet
Scrap Mechanic
Kingdom Hearts II
The Pagemaster
Barney’s Hide and Seek Game

Clips and References

Mary-Kate and Ashley Winner’s Circle

Little Big Planet

Fan art of the month by Astrid

Thumbnail art by Goiaba.

Assistant producer: Cassandra Lipp

Special thanks to Kenzo, Robert, Optimism, Jotrain Gamer, Caleb Pryor, Mysterious Cube, Espyo, and Kilo the Fox for their contributions to this video.


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  1. 2:57 that hurt me more than any words ever have before. Paper Mario TTYD is literally my favorite game ever, and still moves me to tears to this day. To think this is what the series has become…

  2. oddheader dont post anymore videos this is the 69th vid

  3. you can also see Selphie's underwear on the original FF8 game on PS1. just use Quake magic on sandworm enemy and the camera will rotate just right

  4. is anyone going to question why people were looking up children's skirts

  5. I never expected that DEFCON easter egg in that little kid’s game

  6. Okay but where was the last one „shocking“?

  7. I download old version of talking angela and it was all chat on it the new version chat just got removed cuz the secret that saying who is an idiot start swear on the game i will never download the old version

  8. tbh, they should have made it so if barney cant make the jump, he gets launched into the air

  9. Luckily I have made the habit of looking at your channel every week, because I never get any notifications 🙁 and this is some of the best gaming content on YouTube

  10. Wallace and Gromit is scary, man. They straight up kill a lady in one of the later shorts.

  11. Regarding Kingdom Hearts – typically artists and modelers would go the extra mile to avoid a break in immersion, such as rendering areas that wouldn’t normally be seen on the off-chance they somehow would be. The updated omission is almost assuredly due to how priorities have shifted towards avoiding offense instead as it’s become such a big deal in western territories this past decade.

    Fun fact, Final Fantasy XV had the opposite problem! From what I recall Gentiana and one of the other female characters had fully-rendered nipples included on their mesh, while Lunafreya’s model used during the Leviathan conflict had her going commando (no rendered anatomy, but still strange). It’s almost impossible to see either without datamining or camera hacks which is probably why they didn’t take the time to render anything “appropriate”.

    Yes, I should probably find another hobby.

  12. TBH, I'm not surprised with the KHII one -_- Though I think a better idea would've been rendering it all in black with a black void plane under the skirt where the legs disappear. That's avoiding complete mutilation AND being inappropriate!

  13. Scrap mechanical is far from a kids game,more so cartoony

  14. Maybe its "Glu Sux" cuz some people make glue out of horse shoes?

  15. 6:47 as a lbp fan boy I can pretty confidently say that this isn't actually in lbp1 to my knowledge, that level background and assets all come from lbp kart

  16. ❗️❗️Hey! I had something interesting that I believe no one has found yet on talking Angela. So I used to hav e talking Angela when the chatting feature was still a thing. There was also a camera feature where you would show your face, and Angela would supposedly “mock” your face (which it never actually worked right) Well, people then started talking about a man in her eye. (And trust me, I know that this isn’t anything new, just hold on!) and actually, there WAS an image of a room glar in her eye, and yes there was what seemed to be a man-like figure in her eye. This was all over the news. The developers finally gave in, and removed the face-mocking feature, added a “pretty new dress,” and the image in her eye was no longer. Yet this update still included the messaging option. Shortly after, it was removed altogether, and was replaced with several buttons that would trigger certain animations. Since then, this game has almost been forgotten. Yet one day, I decided to charge and boot up my old, first-gen iPad that for some reason STILL had talking Angela. Yet the face mocking feature wasn’t there anymore, and she had a new dress, and the image in her eye was gone, the messaging option was still there, and worked fine. I think after that update that included everything, they also added a filter for the messaging option. You see, i used to have the app when it first came out. And when you would use the messaging option, she would ask strange,y personal questions.. (EX. Your name/last name) to the point where it seemed as if it were a real person you were talking to. But after the update, she didn’t seem as humanoid, more robotic. But yet she still asked some weird questions. Like, “do you want to talk about smoking sins/virtues?” (on my old iPad) Out if the blue…Which I saved many pictures of these weird phrases. Yet there was one thing, one thing that just never made sense. When you message her, there are suggested prompts in the text box! One of those being, “Find Easter Eggs.” Or if you just say “Easter Eggs” to her, it’s the same thing. She will say “Ooh, You found it!” And a link will pop up. The link is outfit7.com/love But the strange thing is, is that the link doesn’t work anymore. When I found this out, I was just sitting there, wondering why it wasn’t. I thought that maybe it was a secret cutscene, of maybe Tom and Angela or some stupid stuff like that, similar the the theme of the other Tom and Angela games that came out around the time. So yeah, the link didn’t work on the iPad. But I just figured it was old and didn’t work properly, so I grabbed my phone and punched in the link. To my surprise, it didn’t work there either! It just says something like “sorry, this link doesn’t work anymore” or something of that sort. It’s strange, cause if it WERE an innocent cutscene, why would they hide it and take it down? Cause it does take you to their website, it’s not like it’s my web browser that cannot open it.. it’s literally just not there! Anyways, sorry for the long ass message. I believe I am the only one to have found this, and I wondered if it was worthy of a clip in one of your videos. I love your videos, thank you!

  17. yea nad the girl with pink jacket has a soviet union star on her shirt

  18. The Page Master one caught me off guard 💀💀

  19. hmm videogame characters having underwear under their clothes, and being able to fall down a ledge? He was really struggling to find 10 in this one lmao

  20. I feel like for the LBP one they probably didn't know all the history behind the Confederate flag and its controversy and possibly thought it was just another American thing. As for the other image, it's Japan. That's my best explanation

  21. Bro why tf didn’t you cover how quagmire was in Barney.

  22. "I'm gonna whoop his ass."
    -Wallace from Wallace and Gromit

  23. Yo there is a new mystery of Legend of Zelda breath of the Wild you know where link goes to a sign and when you look at the sign closely its a unknown language well somebody figure out what it trying to say its said "Calling" this message also comes from the shrines and when you closely its the same message "Calling" also its the message from super smash bros ultimate when you select the Plateau Tower stage hopefully you see this comment

  24. There was a flash game where could shoot Barney

  25. I just told my husband about Kairi's panties and he said, "Oh yeah. I remember doing that." 🙄 Of course he did.

  26. Knowing Paper Mario has nightmare fuel. It looks like this secret….

    Luigi was having too much fun.

  27. Jesus Christ I can’t believe this bozo is brave enough to put that hideous mug on camera for the world to see, I’ll be having nightmares about that face

  28. oddheader saying "jum start baby" in a deep voice was very funny to me

  29. So Luigi being into pegging is finally canon? This is the reveal fans have been waiting for

  30. I mean it’s shocking that women wear underwear? Bit of a stretch.

  31. Most likely with kingdomhearts 2 the developer behind modeling the characters didn't want any holes in the models. I don't when I make models. I want no possiblity outside of camera exploits for the mesh to not have a completed side.Underwear back then wasn't unheard of in games and it really wasn't sexualized in all cultures like isn't now, and japanese devs probably didn't know it was here.

  32. I find it kind of odd that I used to play lbp as a kid and I never found the Easter eggs in the game but I can name a few I found on accident ghost npcs on Pokémon this is more of a glitch then a Easter egg but I'm still gonna count it as a Easter egg sometimes if you go in and out of areas npcs would just disappear another Easter egg I found on accident was the screams and gun shot sounds in gta which I don't know if they are just npcs screaming at something or they are just background noises but the screams and gun shot sounds were too common to just take it as a background noise cause those sounds were coming from underneath Niko another Easter egg I found on accident are shadow figures I found them on every game I played so this was something I asked my brother before cause some of the games I played were his games which he told me that's odd there's no shadow figures in the games so that's when I got excited cause I just realized that I found a Easter egg that Noone has discovered in the games yet

  33. Maybe the alisa files have something to do with the comic book “defcon 4”

  34. The Easter eggs are nice but the soundtrack is horrible.. Sounds like bowel movements..

  35. Oddheader you are one of the best gamer explorers and your videos are always a watch! Such a amazing channel always waiting for the next one

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