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  1. Its Showing unable ToJoin Group

  2. hayyyy before I watch this video.. I got your ad first 😌✌️

  3. Me:Hmmm let's take a look..
    Me:but I got join group?
    Edit:Like if it's true

  4. You like to be my frends in robolx please my id id anudit7777 pleas 😊😊😘

  5. Very uhm cool we can make a gold troll outfit right?? Imaa go make one


    Another video that helped us a lot ! Keep up the good work!👍I'm sure you will never fail to make our day as amazing as you are!

  7. i love the thumbnail is SOOO cuteee ❤️❤️❤️

  8. when i clicked. The ad was promil gold 4.

  9. Bro I literally just got a roblox add and in the add there was a roblox youtuber saying to sub to them and I looked up to see what the add was about AND I SAW LAXENDER

  10. What do u do if theres not games bc I did not see any

  11. Where's the game goooo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  12. I love ur vidsssss lavender when ever someone asks what's my fav youtuber i say lavii

  13. How to see the group or this map because I search it but I can’t see the map please help me

  14. POV:ein from aphmau yt Chanel sees this be like

  15. Tysm for this lavander but may i ask what app do you use to make your pfp?💕

  16. Pov : you see comment
    CLAIM 50K ROBUX CHECKING MY CHANNEL for like 10 of them

  17. STRAWBERRY PRİNCESS🍓🍓Roadto30subs says:

    Well i cant get in the game

  18. i couldn’t find the game why don’t u explain how to get the game to join in??

  19. Nah there's no game that is logitech

  20. Lavender: Now wait….Then you get a badge! Me: And a friend request

  21. Oof i cant bc i got hack and i think my Acc is suppso to be 1 mohnt or smt

  22. You get that anymore the game got locked it was here in april 30-May 2

  23. Did you get the super super happy face for free or did you actually buy it with your roebucks

  24. Is it lobu being it's not showing it


    I love how this brings joy and laughter to all of us 😘

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