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✔️ Money Link CHALLENGE $20 Spins 🌜MOON GODDESS ⪼ Free Games

Brian Christopher Slots
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Thank you to our partner casino Agua Caliente at Rancho Mirage for today’s video!

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  1. Looking very nice with your glasses .🥰

  2. Still wearing those lucky glasses I see! LOL! Thanks for the stream.

  3. 3 Wilds paid, not 5 Kings. People that didn't see your previous video probably thought something happened to your eyes lol. I guess you gave yourself a nigh impossible challenge

  4. When Brian says LAST SPIN.
    Does anyone think
    Of the group pull

  5. WoW! That was a good run, but I have still NEVER seen that Free Spin Bonus!

  6. The more you wear them, you'll find your eyesight without them better in the morning.

  7. Good video Brian. I love your excitement when you got the shakey, shakey. 😂😂😂

  8. Hi Brian I love your videos! You make it look so easy to win! Just wondering is this your full time job? 😃

  9. Honestly that long of a session and that was the result it was a great video!

  10. oh Brian please show us how that shaky shaky moves again!

  11. I can't believe $20 a spin and they give $4 and $8 coins

  12. I miss your challenger videos that is the viewers would give you challengers to do.
    If you see this. I would like to see a video were you do around a $1 bet to try and double up from putting $100 or $200 in the machine.

  13. Brian, Thank you so much for this challenge. I'm sorry you weren't successful. You'll get it next time. P.S. Love the glasses!

  14. I love to watch you but the beginning of this game was as painful as the ending last night! I so want you to win back the money you lost!!

  15. You said you’d play until you got the drum bonus. 😔

  16. Crap that there are low domination coins in bonus, when betting $20….sad to see…$4 really??

  17. I know that you're going to play that game until you get that bonus. Maybe part 2 of the drum bonus?

  18. ya i was wearing classes when I hit the Grand jack pot on mighty cash

  19. Love the glasses! It’s like a new world opens up once you put them on!

  20. I saw Mr. Payback get that bonus and it was lousy.

  21. Dang drums are now a must have challenge.

  22. Great playing. The game looks fun. They ought to have a press your luck slot machine.

  23. You should have an ice cream shop in the Brian Christopher slots area at Plaza and call it the "Shakey Shakey"

  24. Brian christopher..
    I like you sometime you talk something very funny..
    Love it love it..
    Good luck..

  25. You are now wearing glasses, because you have been sitting too close to the screens for way too long and are slowly ruining your eye sight. Doing what you do, does not help it Brian lol.

  26. I’ve hit the major on the money links twice. Recently for $508 on 10 cent denom and another time for $530 on 2 cent denom

  27. I'm sorry, but a major should always be more than a minor on any game! even when it resets… that's just ridiculous. I will never play this game either. the pays are definitely not worth it and just downright horrible

  28. Wear your glasses all the time. Will help to reduce headaches. Also I am sure marco loves them, Very sexy

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